What Exercise Equipment is Good for Seniors

Updated on March 22, 2021
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Life is best lived with optimal health. As a person ages, the body deteriorates and requires more purposeful efforts, especially in the areas of exercise and nutrition. While it is easy to watch the food a person eats, maintaining an exercise routine can be a challenge. With the body of a senior, it becomes difficult to do exercises that he used to do when he was younger. The wrong exercise and equipment used can cause injuries and accidents more than good. Hence, we have furnished a good list of fitness equipment that a person approaching the golden ages can use while lessening the risk of accidents and injuries.

Fitness Equipment for Seniors

Exercise gives a person more years to live. If you happen to be a senior and you want to invest in your health, make sure to check out this list of exercise equipment and ask your doctor for clearance to use it. Having a regular exercise routine will definitely benefit you and will give you more fruitful years to enjoy.

Hand Gripper

As you grow older, your body, along with your arm function and strength, decreases. Since a part of your daily living involves the constant use of your hands, making sure they remain strong and with a firm grip should be a top priority. You can start working on this by getting a hand gripper in your nearest store or from online shops. This comes in a size that allows you to bring and use it wherever you go. By constantly exercising your hands and doing grips with varying resistance levels, you invest in your hand’s function.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

This is popular among seniors because of the benefits it gives them. This low impact exercise bike gives you the benefits you get from riding a regular bike. The only difference here is that you remain stationary, and you are positioned in a more comfortable position. A recumbent bike offers customizable speeds and a seat that sets you in a better stance and is oriented to ensure even weight distribution. This type is definitely safer to use as it is less strenuous, and it spares you from a high chance of accidents and injuries.


This is a popular choice for seniors who do not have issues with their spine and back. This is because it is perfect in helping them maintain a healthy weight and a good cardio exercise. Since running outdoors can sometimes be difficult because of ongoing traffic and weather constraints, a treadmill gives you the same benefits of running without the need to go out. These also come in customizable speeds and incline, so you can adjust to the pace you are comfortable with. This is good for seniors as they can utilize this when they are at home, thereby decreasing the chances of heat strokes and exposure to cold winters. A piece of equipment that is good for the respiratory and cardiovascular system, this remains to be a good choice especially with safety features like handrails and emergency stop buttons.

Rowing Machine

This is an equipment that simulates the movement you make on a boat as you row in the water. As your body does a rowing movement, the core of your body is strengthened. While being an exercise that can get you a bit worked-up, this puts less minimal strains on a person’s joints. This safely stretches the muscles while being able to increase and improve endurance. Just make sure to have a routine that has safe levels of pressure, repetition, and sets.


While this may not be the first choice of equipment for younger people, this has become the favorite for older folks. An elliptical is created with foot pads that put you in a good stance, encourages good posture, and provides better balance during the workout. This is excellent for seniors because it does not put too much pressure on the hips, knees, and back. Its overall design makes it safe for seniors because it has armrests that give a person something to hold on to while working out. This allows you to be in a posture that aligns your shoulders, back, and head. Hence, it increases endurance, prevents falls, burns fat and calories, improves your lung function, keeps your heart healthy, and is easy on your joints.

Lat Pull Down Machine

Some people in their golden ages suffer from back misalignment, backaches, or poor posture. This is an indication of weak muscles and poor back strength. This puts you in a seated orientation; hence, all you have to do is just give the pull-down a stretch or pull to the back or to the front. The weights that come with this can easily be adjusted to accommodate your pace and strength. This is a great way to strengthen your back muscles and spine.


Working out has always been a challenge for many, but it becomes a necessity as a person ages. Exercise does wonders to a person’s body, a well-guided and formulated workout regimen can ease pain, provide comfort, and improve a person’s overall strength and endurance. Seniors’ bones and muscles are more fragile than younger ones; hence, these will ensure that you can get good quality workouts without the strains, falls, injuries, and accidents. Feel free to add other fitness accessories and equipment to your activity; try getting a yoga mat, stability ball, resistance bands, and more. Invest in your health because this will enable you to live your life in the best way you can.

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