Ways To Make Your Home More Interesting

Updated on March 26, 2023
Ways To Make Your Home More Interesting

With COVID-19 still preventing people from moving about outside freely, many have been spending a good portion of their time confined to their homes. Seniors must exercise even more caution than the average person because they are more susceptible to contracting the disease and suffering from serious illness. Staying indoors for so long can become stifling, though, so you may want to redecorate with these ways to make your home more interesting.

Decorate With Plants

Breathe life into your house with plants. They’ll give you something to look after each day as you track their growth, water them, and prune them. As your plants become noticeably bigger, you can feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment knowing that you helped bring them to that point. At the same time, the plants will serve as beautiful ornaments in your home, making it more stimulating in appearance.

Bring in Design Humor

Lots of people approach designing their homes as a more serious affair, but if you’re looking for a way to make your home more interesting, you can use humor in your furniture or decorations. Find chairs, lampshades, throw pillow covers, and wall art that have some quirkiness. It might be that they have out-of-the-ordinary shapes or lighthearted patterns. A guiding principle here is to think about your interests and incorporate those into your everyday objects. Whatever way you go about this, having some humor in your home’s décor will definitely make your space more attention-grabbing than a completely plain arrangement.

Add More Color

Sticking to mild colors is safe in that it ensures that nothing within your home clashes greatly with its surroundings, but this color scheme can get dull. Find ways to add color to your home, so you can give it new vigor. You might set aside days to paint some cabinets or walls in a refreshing hue. Upholstery, pillows, seat covers, and hand towels are also ideal objects with which to inject some color into your indoor environment. Rather than settle for the usual white or beige, you might switch them out for versions in bright yellow or deep green, for example. You can also select plant species specifically for their attractive colorations.

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