Want to Predict Your Future? Consider These Top Divination Tools and Methods

Updated on March 11, 2023

There’s a common belief that what we do now will determine how our future will be. While that’s true, the majority of people will do anything to know what their future holds. From knowing about our career to learning more about our love life, we can get an insight regarding our future by connecting with the supernatural.

What is Divination?

Divination is an ancient practice through which people sought guidance, knowledge, and inspiration by connecting to the spirits. It is a form of magic that helps people communicate with the supernatural.

Divination takes different forms, with some being more popular than others. Depending on your preference and the results you’re looking for, you’ll choose a method or tool that works best for you. This doesn’t, however, mean that some techniques are better than others. Not at all. The key is to choose a divination method that will arouse your sixth sense easily.

Here we shall look at some of the common divination tools you may want to try. Remember the whole process is a matter of practice. To that end, we would encourage you to begin with a tool that you are more comfortable with. As your skills improve, you can try more complicated options.

Read along to see our list of the top seven divination tools and techniques:

1.       Runes

Runes were used from ancient times as a means of communication. It involves symbols or letters printed on stones or wood.

Each rune comes with a specific prediction including health, wealth, happiness, travel, etc. Runes have become more popular among people who are seeking answers to some pressing questions.

You can decide to buy a set of stones or curve your own. After getting your rune stones or magic runes, put them in a pouch, ask your question before pouring them out. And since knowing the meaning of each rune can be a daunting task, consider having a key to help get precise information.

2.       Tarot Cards

Tarots are among the most commonly used forms of divination tools. Most people think that tarot card reading is used to predict the future. While this can be true, tarot cards are mainly used to offer a guideline.

What a tarot reader does is give possible outcomes based on the forces involved. With 78 major cards and minor Arcana, interpreting tarot cards can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. As such, you’ll need to conduct in-depth research and do a lot of practice. With patience and determination, tarot cards can be an excellent divination tool.

3.       Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is another popular divination tool. The best thing is that you can use a crystal ball even if you don’t have psychic abilities. With it, you can get answers to the questions you might have regarding your future.

However, you’ll need to do much practice to be able to see the images within a crystal ball. As such, seeking the help of a professional reader may come in handy when trying to interpret the images you see.

4.       Angel Cards

If you want the guidance of the angel guides into your life, then angel cards are your ideal divination tool. Most people turn to these cards when they want to get an insight into their future growth, including wealth, love life, and matters to do with the family.

While most people confuse them with tarot cards, it is imperative to remember that angel cards are drawn on the angelic concept as opposed to metaphysical.

When using an angelic card, hold it close to your heart to connect with your angelic spirit. While doing this, remember to focus your energy on your concerns.

5.       Spirit Boards

Ouija boards are probably the most common form of spirit boards. Ouija boards are made from wood and contain carving of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, as well as “yes”, “no” and “goodbye” options. These can be purchased from various online stores such as Spiritshack, alongside other similar items..

When using the Ouija board, you’ll need to place the fingerprints on the planchette. After that, air your concerns to the spirit and wait for the answer.  

6.       Pendulum

You can also use pendulums to get the answers you’re seeking. A pendulum is a conical shaped stone or crystal attached to a chain. To use it, hover it over a parchment sheet with “no” or “yes” options. You’ll then need to swing the pendulum and see the answers it offers.

For a more customized experience, consider creating your own pendulum.

As you can see, there are many divination tools you can use to get answers regarding your future. To get a better experience, start with the ones you’re more comfortable with before moving to more complicated ones. 

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