Utah’s Incredible Outdoor Activities And Trips

Updated on September 29, 2018

Utah is a true paradise for tourists from all around the world. While most US states are promoted as great, this one instantly stands out. This is because of many different things, ranging from how incredible the accommodations are (just think about cabin rentals in Utah) to dozens of interesting travel activities that can be enjoyed.

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In the following paragraphs we will solely focus on some of the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer. Many of these are mentioned in guides or tops of outdoor options renowned around the world. If you are a nature enthusiast, you simply cannot go wrong with them.

Canyonlands National Park – Cataract Canyon Rafting

Those that are looking for truly epic white water rafting adventures around the world know that Cataract Canyon is a destination that needs to be considered. This stretch of the beautiful Colorado River is basically perfect. In most cases the private groups and outfitters will offer 5 day trips that take you over 100 miles through Canyonlands, going right into the Glen Canyon recreation area. You can go for high water (which is over 30,000 cubic feet per 1 second) or flow rapids. You can expect different difficulty levels so it is not at all tough to find something that is suitable according to your skill level. You can camp along the river, giving you an even better experience thanks to the really unique desert experience that becomes available.

Zion National Park – Angels Landing

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Angels Landing has a great name that actually paints a great picture of what you could expect. Views from here can only be described as being breathtaking. The climb is 440 meters and takes you from Zion Canyon floor. You usually want to use West Rim Trail. You go 2 miles and then you need to go half more miles to reach Angels Landing.

The hike to Angels Landing is strenuous. If you are afraid of heights you should not consider it. This is mainly because the final stretch, which is a rock spine that is narrow and that is lined with chains put at hand level. Hikers have to hold on as they want to climb, all while not actually looking down. The drop here is 30 meters high on both sides. However, once you reach the top, the views are definitely worth the scary experience. It is not hard to understand why the name was chosen when you reach the top.

Experience The Greatest Snow On Earth

Utah snow is often referred to as being the “Greatest Snow On Earth”. After you experience it you can quickly figure out why this is the case. Snow is fluffy and light, normally coming in dumps that are to be measured by feet, not by inches. The skiers will go through various turns, with bodies being completely out of sight due to the wake created in the snow.

During some years there is actually enough snow available to allow some skiing during July. What can be more memorable than a July 4 skiing experience? People from all corners of the world come to ski or snowboard in the 14 resorts that Utah offers. The backcountry offers countless snow miles, with resorts having different competitions hosted all throughout the year.

Delicate Arch Hiking

Delicate Arch is found in the lovely Arches National Park. It is actually the state landmark that most people already know. Delicate Arch stands out as a 3 mile round trip taking you through a lovely slickrock trail. Park officials categorize it as being of a moderate difficulty. However, if you look at it closely, it might not actually be so moderate or delicate. Most people will say that the Arch is simply bigger than it was imagined. Be sure that you are informed if you want to climb to the top of Delicate Arch. If you think the hike is too hard, you can go for the easier option that allows you to see the Delicate Arch from some distance.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Canyoneering

When thinking about the desert many just consider sand dunes, mirages and slickrock. Utah aims to change that since some of the really unique outdoor adventures offered come from deep, narrow canyons located in the middle of the desert.

Escalante is an area that features various different slot canyons, one of the best collections in the entire world. You can visit most of the canyons through a day hike but if you want to consider those that are very exciting, you will need to get more technical and use professional climbing equipment. You will rappel down steep portions. In some of the canyons you will also see that water is an obstacle. You can hire guides if you do not have the time to do your planning homework.

Fly Fishing

Last but definitely not least, Utah teaches you that trout can also be found in areas that are remote, like a desert, not just in very beautiful places. The Green River near Flamingo Gorge Dam is a wonderful destination for everyone that enjoys fly fishing.

Green is often a destination for nationwide fly fishers as there is always the possibility to catch really big trout. However, it is possible that trout will simply not bite. This is a really stressful experience since you can easily see the fish through the clear water. If you are a first-time fly fisher, look for a local guide. He/she will teach you all you need to do and you will surely catch more.


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