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Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.39.15 AMnabi Tablet

The nabi DreamTab is so much more than just a tablet. It’s the key to an unprecedented level of creative freedom, artistic license, and pure, unadulterated joy that comes from bringing your vision to life, whether it’s an animated drawing, a self-authored eBook, or an ingeniously edited two-minute movie of your family’s typical Tuesday. DreamTab is the first and only tablet to feature Dream Pro Studio™, a suite of drawing, editing and animating tools created in collaboration with the creative minds at DreamWorks Animation. It comes with more than 400 kid-focused, parent-approved features designed to empower, educate and inspire your child. Now, it’s his or her turn to show the world what they can do.

Junior Explorers ClubJunior Explorers Club

Junior Explorers Club is a new edutech monthly subscription program for kids age 5-12…

Move over Little Passports, there’s a new game in town—with an environmental mission.  A first of its kind, Junior Explorers Club will connect kids and parents to our planet and its species through interactive adventures via monthly product kits delivered by mail, and through an engaging online experience. With each subscription purchased, Junior Explorers is donating $10 to nature and wildlife focused not-for-profit organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy.

The kits are a great gift for girls and boys, and will provide an exciting indoor adventure, especially during the winter months, when exploring outdoors may be difficult.  And experiencing Junior Explorers on-the-go – for holiday travel and beyond – is a snap, with the online component.  There are one, three, six and 12-month subscription options available from $19, $49, $95 and $185 respectively.  A Junior Explorers subscription is the perfect gift for every child this holiday season as it connects them to the importance of giving back to the conservation of the planet.

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Operation ResCUTE gift boxOperation ResCUTE

The Operation ResCUTE gift box features a the first in a line of illustrated children’s books about dogs who found a new home, a stuffed toy dog and a sticker intended to both educate and encourage children and their parents to consider adopting sheltered dogs rather than purchasing them through puppy mills or pet stores.

The gift box costs $29.99 and available online on Amazon and the Operation ResCUTE website.  100% of all profits will go to dog shelters.  The first book in the series is about Jingles, who was adopted by Operation ResCUTE founder Laurie Brown-Nagin.

Operation ResCUTE is a non-profit start-up designed to educate and encourage children and their parents to adopt shelter dogs and provide them loving homes. This perfect holiday gift and teaches children to be charitable and “give back” in a very fun way.

The book, toy dog doll and stickers serves as a “membership” to the Operation ResCUTE Club. The Operation ResCUTE website will also encourage children to nominate their adopted dog to be featured in future books in an American Idol type contest.


One of the most imaginative childrens’ gifts for 2014 has no moving pieces, doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall, and calls to mind a much simpler time. Actually, YOXO kits are completely recyclable, portable, and intend to reintroduce the power of imagination to children across the country.

Pronounced “yock-so” these innovative new building sets from Play from Scratch consist of notched pieces – Y’s, O’s and X’s – that can be connected in thousands of ways and attached to stuff around the house (toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, etc.), inspiring kids to build anything they can imagine. 

YOXObot “Orig”

The robot that started it all! Inside the 34-piece YOXObot Orig (“oh-rig”) kit is everything kids need – including YOXO links, tubes and curves – to build their own 18-inch tall recyclable robot. Then Orig comes apart for kids to invent something new using tubes and boxes from around the house! Comes with custom robot parts and repositionable YOXO eye stickers in a sturdy box with a lid for easy storage. MSRP: $19.99

YOXObug “Flye” 

Flye is a three-foot long YOXO dragonfly for children ready for some seriously big bug action. The 56-piece kit includes everything you need to make a giant dragonfly, then take Flye apart and invent something new. Comes with custom dragonfly parts and repositionable YOXO eye stickers in a sturdy box with a lid for easy storage. MSRP: $24.99

The primary material used in all Play from Scratch products is recycled wood pulp, meaning the toys are ultimately recyclable. They can be mixed and matched and connected with anything a kid can dream up – making them a perfect gift the whole family can feel good about. To see YOXO in action, check out this short video.

YOXO kits are available at and at independent toy stores across the country.

The Extraordinaires_BackgroundThe Extraordinaires Design Studio

From the creators of Rory’s Story Cubes comes The Extraordinaires Design Studio (for Kids Ages 8+) After speaking with educators around the globe, Anita Murphy and Rory O’Connor designed The Extraordinaires Design Studio to introduction children to Design Thinking.  The kits are seriously playful introduction to the world of design.  It is an all in one design space for hours of fun and creative play.  

Players role play as a designer by choosing a Project (something to sit on or a communications device) to design for an Extraordinaire (a Pirate, Wizard, Ninja), their client.  Recent research of the STEM curriculum has resulted in the “Arts” being added.  True innovation whether it be from engineers, scientists, or mathematicians is going to come from creative thinking and we think the Extraordinaires Design kits are a great gift for those who just want a small tasting of the innovative world of design.


Demo Video:

Just Jumble App

For the young and senior to play together! For 60 years, fans have been playing the daily Jumble in newspapers everywhere.  Tribune Content Agency, LLC and app developer Adveractive launched the Just Jumble app earlier this year and fun app is bridging the gap between generations and bringing grandparents together to play with their kids or grandkids.

Just Jumble is a fast playing, challenging new variant of the daily Jumble.  New players and long-time Jumble fans will love tackling Just Jumble’s brain-twisting new gameplay. The free Just Jumble app contains more than 230 puzzles as well as bonus games for extra points.

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