Tips in Dealing With New Physicians in the Hospital

Updated on January 17, 2022

Hiring quality physicians can be challenging. With the increase in demands for doctors, hospital operators fight to bring the best person for the job into their medical establishment. If you’re lucky to have someone agree to work with you, it pays to do everything you can to make the person stay long. Here are some tips in dealing with the new physician in the hospital.

Make the person feel welcome

The first step is to give the doctor a warm welcome. You don’t need to throw a lavish party. As long as everyone in the hospital knows the new hire, it would be great. These people will also work closely with each other, so they should feel comfortable and at least know each other by name. You don’t want them to have awkward conversations because they didn’t know their roles in the hospital. 

Remember that the newly hired physician also has networks among professionals in the industry. You will eventually need help to fill vacancies, and you can seek help from your new hire in finding more people to do the job. If not, you can always work with locum tenens companies such as In addition, you can hire part-time physicians who will fill the role temporarily while you wait for someone to do the full-time job. 

Explain the procedures and norms

Another essential task is to explain the hospital’s procedures and norms. Sure, the doctor has experience working in other medical establishments, but things won’t always be the same. Some procedures might be different, and it helps if you can explain what they are. Simple procedural mistakes might also lead to big problems while performing the job. 

Conduct a hospital tour

You can let the new hire do the tour alone, but it helps if someone is assigned to explain the details. There might also be available equipment that requires a medical professional’s knowledge to operate. The new doctor might also need to know where to go for specific needs. The tour is the answer to this problem. 

Open your doors

As the person running the medical establishment, you must make the physician feel welcomed by everyone. If there are questions or issues, your doors are always open. You don’t want these medical experts to feel lost while doing a difficult job. Besides, there could also be some problems with their colleagues that require a higher authority to mitigate. These doctors need to know that you’re there and will stay in the middle. 

With these tips, you can make the new doctor feel at home in the hospital. These medical workers understand the challenge that comes with the job. Some might even leave after a few months because they couldn’t stand the requirements. Others decide to stay because they’re happy with the work environment and love the hospital administration. Everything must begin with the right foot forward. Don’t feel complacent when your employees last long. Try your best to determine how to help them improve professionally, so they decide to stick with you for the years to come.


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