The Deal With Displays – What to Look For When Visiting Display Homes

Updated on March 26, 2023
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It can be easy enough to be overwhelmed by the beauty of a display home – the immaculate interiors, the luxurious furniture and the overall ambiance of crisp yet comfortable perfection. However, it’s important to remember that this is all a careful creation. So, what should you focus on when visiting display homes?

Find out what’s actually included

Investors and seasoned property buyers don’t say that a house has ‘good bones’ for no reason. When visiting a display home or village it’s really important to find out what is actually included when you go to build your own house. For example, these display homes in Sydney list their range of services and a complete breakdown down of their home and land packages (so you won’t end up expecting one thing and getting another).

There’s nothing like the disappointment associated with assuming a certain decor element or feature will come with your build and finding out that this is ‘display only’. Perhaps that outdoor spa bath isn’t actually installed and is just a rental? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what features the property comes with, what are optional extras, what are mere ‘top of the range’ options, and what are simply accessories. Then look beyond the elements of home staging to see what lies beneath these superficial flourishes.

Do your research

It’s all well and good to draw inspiration from visiting a display home or village, but remember not to get too blindsided by aspirations. Knowing what your repayments will be (even before you go out shopping) is the best way to keep yourself financially in check. Make sure you aren’t distracted by those things that are just wishful thinking. Instead, focus on making sure your new home will give you what you need, rather than what you want, eg. a location next to the beach might sound lovely – but, is it really worth forgoing extra bedrooms or a garage?

Take photos to save time over the long-run. This is great for referring back to later in order to make astute comparisons. Pay attention on the floor plan and layout. How happy you will be with this set-up in years to come? How likely is it that this property will fit you if and when life changes, eg. will it be a family home? Maybe you need to downsize/upsize or need a level of flexibility (like a property that has scope to make expansions). Above all, when visiting a display home avoid getting blown away by the ‘house of your dreams’ and always include realistic assessments that address your lifestyle and budget.

Know your rights

It’s always crucial to understand your rights when operating within the property market. This is governed by Australian Consumer and Competition (ACCC) laws. Be assiduous about anything that seems ‘too good to be true’ (it almost always certainly is). False and misleading claims are unlawful and agents are obligated to disclose all information relevant to the price of a property. Independent evaluations are always a good idea to get a handle on the median price of homes in an area. Make sure you use reputable builders and shop around for banks, lenders, and brokers. If ever in doubt, always seek independent legal advice.

The deal with displays

So, what’s the deal with displays? The fact is they give you a tangible feel for what you can expect should you build a new home. This is a fantastic benefit, but it’s always important to remember to find out what is actually included in the build, to conduct a lot of research on what will best fit your lifestyle and budget, and to always know and exercise your rights. After that, there’s nothing else to add – except ‘happy house-hunting’!

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