Senior Outlook Today’s Top 20+ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Updated on February 25, 2017

Senior Outlook Today would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Because Valentine’s Day is just about here, to help prepare you to find the perfect gift for that special someone, we’ve assembled our annual Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. We would also like to extend a special thank you to those who sent in gift ideas and suggestions.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we present our top 20 unique gift ideas:


Watchitude is designed for kiddos 4 – 12 years old and are fun slap-on watches that come in a HUGE variety of quirky and unique prints.

Valentine Delights with Watchitude

Surprise your youngster on Valentine’s Day with an adorable, distinct gift from Watchitude. These slap wristwatches take a refreshing spin from the popular 80’s slap bands that adults loved as kids, and come in tons of new, funky designs and limited edition collectibles. Let your kid know how “Stellar” they are and give a sweet treat with a delicious cupcake-designed Watchitude.  

There’s a Watchitude watch for every personality, making it a perfect gift for any child. Choose from an array of brightly colored designs and lively prints that will make your kid feel spunky and creative. Vibrant and eye-catching, Watchitude features quirky designs such as grinning cows, yummy gummy bears, smiling emojis, groovy cityscapes and more. It’s a fun accessory and durable to keep up with your child’s active lifestyle.

Don’t waste any more time getting these incredibly fun slap-wrist watches which also come with

  • Zinc-alloy cases with glass crystal and quartz movements make Watchitudes extremely durable
  • Water-resistant and splash-proof, these wristwatches can withstand rain, sweat and splashing
  • Brilliant photographic quality printing and durable glossy finish with new patent-pending technology
  • SGS-Certified safe for kids and 100% lead-free
  • Easy setup and a one-year, replaceable standard watch battery

Watchitude will make your child feel cool, awesome and cherished this Valentine!

Find them on:

Heifer International Gifts 

Heifer International is a non profit organization with a mission to end hunger and poverty by providing small-scale farmers with livestock, training and other resources that help them improve their own lives.

Recognizing how much many of us love chocolate but also want to give back, Heifer International partnered with a chocolate company to create a dark chocolate sea salt caramel – with just the right balance of salt and sweet. Their pieces are made with Sanders’ 1920s original recipe caramel and enrobed in single- and sustainably sourced, premium Ecuadorian dark chocolate from Blommer Chocolate. Each piece is finished with the finest Mediterranean Sea Salt. It’s a decadent treat sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Heifer International’s Valentine’s Day offer brings together bees and chocolate, a unique bundle to be sure, but one that shows you care for both your Valentine and for others around the world.

This limited time only offer features the gift of honeybees and a box of the sea salt dark chocolate caramels for $50 (including shipping). More details can be found at

Proceeds from the sale of Heifer Sea Salt Caramel expands Heifer’s reach and enables families struggling with hunger and poverty an opportunity to achieve lives of true self-determination and dignity.

Lust” and “Writing For Bliss” by Diana Raab

One of the Most Romantic Valentine’s Gifts Doesn’t Cost Anything

Penning a Love Poem or Letter is More Meaningful Than Flowers and Candy

Going out for dinner and buying flowers, jewelry or candy, are among the traditional ways loved ones celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, if you’re looking for a gift that carries more meaning than possibly the most expensive dinner for two, write a love poem, says writing expert Diana Raab, PhD, author of the award-winning poetry book “Lust” and “Writing For Bliss” (Sept. 2017, Loving Healing Press

“Now, more than ever, we need to instill love in our lives,” says Dr. Raab. “One way to do so is to write poetry, which is the voice of the soul. Writing a love poem is a way of celebrating your love for someone, especially if you have trouble expressing yourself face-to-face.”

Another romantic gesture is to craft a handwritten love letter. It’s more permanent, purposeful, engaging, reflective, thoughtful, and individualized than one that is  typed or emailed. However, it does require a little more effort than a cold, electronic e-mail message. In a very tangible way, handwritten letters carry the spirit and energy of the person who wrote it.

It’s not how much money you spend on Valentine’s Day—it’s the meaning behind your gift that really counts. If you’re unable to craft your own poem or letter, consider buying a book of poetry and read a poem to your partner. Here is a poem to get you started:


by Diana Raab, PhD 

it wasn’t your offer

or the way you said it.

it wasn’t the way you did it

or how it made me feel.

it wasn’t the time of day

or the month or the year

or the shape of the moon caressing us

or how the sun rose when you smiled.

it wasn’t how the traffic zipped on the freeway

or how you said good-bye

it was just about the way you loved me

and cared enough to ask.

Diana Raab, MFA, PhD is a memoirist, poet, essayist, blogger, educator and award-winning author. Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life is her eighth book. She has 4 poetry collections, including Lust.

Smart Night Lighter

If you hear something go bump in the night…it might be you because you’ve tripped on your phone charger cord in the dark!  Whether you’re at home or traveling that darn cord seems to find its way under your feet!  End your concern of falling in the dark with the new Smart Night Lighter (SNL) charger adapter!  

SNL is the first charger adapter with dual lights that make it easy to connect and charge your mobile device in the dark.  SNL allows users to connect to any Android cable, flat or round, at any length to over 1900 types of Apple or Android based Smart phones worldwide.  The 1500 lumens forward four white LED light also has a secondary Ambiance/Mood light in the sides that is relaxing and can lead to deeper sleep.

The Smart Night Lighter is cost effective too as you no longer need to buy expensive product-specific charging cables ever again.

You can learn more by visiting

DVD diamonds1Defined Value Diamonds

Want a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift? Think Defined Value Diamonds!

Valentine’s Day is a time when both men and women spoil their significant other with goodies to show their love and appreciation for them. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend around $142 on those gifts, which typically include candy, flowers, apparel, and jewelry. This year, there is a unique gift that people can give to both men and women that will not only surprise the recipient, but will give them a lasting investment at the same time.

“If you want a truly unique gift this year, consider giving the gift of a diamond investment,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the creator of the Defined Value Diamonds. “Not only will it bring them joy then, but it will provide them with a secure investment that they can have for many years to come. These diamonds can also be set in jewelry anytime and their investment value will not be affected.”

Defined Value Diamonds (DVD) asset makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, because it’s not something that will be essentially fade away within days, such as the thrill of eating some chocolates or having flowers. The DVD is a beautiful disc, made of stainless steel and glass, has hand-selected diamonds on display and is protected. It also has a serial number on the case that can be used at any time to get an update on the value of the diamonds. Each DVD diamond comes with a GIA certification grading report identifying its characteristics, and has its own Gemprint ID, which is the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

Giving the diamond investment discs makes for a great unique gift, because:

  • They look gorgeous. Being able to see beautifully cut, high quality diamonds on display in the finely crafted case is a sight to behold.
  • They are a constant reminder of who gave the gift and that they are an investment in the person’s future. Diamonds make a great long term investment and provide people with a tangible asset that is globally accepted.
  • A gift of investment diamonds helps the person to diversify their investments, and if they are like half of the adults in the country and don’t have any investments, then it helps them get started with some.With the advent of Defined Value Diamonds, diamonds have become a stable, purchasable, tangible asset that is easy to buy, value, and resell. And on average, diamonds of fine engagement quality have seen 5 percent growth per annum.
  • The gift is likely to grow in value over time. In fact, at anytime the person who owns the DVD can call and get an update on the value of the diamonds inside. They are also salable at anytime, should the person fall on hard times or want to cash in on the investment.
  • With their investment quality and gem print ID, DVD diamonds can be set in jewelry anytime, and their investment value will not be altered.

“This year, do something different instead of the same old chocolates and flowers,” added Cohen. “Get your special woman or man Defined Value Diamonds, and see the smile it puts on their face. It’s an investment in their future and a great way to share that special holiday.”

The Defined Value Diamonds was started by Rand Diamond, a company with 60 years of history in the diamond field. The renowned company started the asset opportunity as a way for people to be able to simply invest in diamonds. Each DVD disc that houses the diamonds holds 1-3 diamonds, with them ranging from 1/3 carat to 3 carats each. Each of them is inspected to exceed the GIA diamond standards for excellence, and comes with GIA certification. The discs range in price from $1,000 to over $500,000.

Each of the investment-grade diamonds is conflict free and has been hand-selected to ensure global demand, stability, quality, and value. The price of the diamonds in each DVD are the same PTP as what top-end retailer’s pay for their inventory, which is normally over 50 percent less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds in jewelry. For more information on Defined Value Diamonds, visit their site at:

Body Dyanmix

Body Dyanmix is the first and only fitness program specifically designed for people aged 40+ and/or with mobility issues and was created by celebrity fitness instructor Debbie Siebers to improve overall physical fitness and wellbeing without breaking down your joints.

The program focuses on core strengthening, body-weight training, and stretching – three key ways of facilitating weight loss, improving body mechanics, and improving overall health and fitness.

Groove Life

The perfect gift for athletes, outdoor lovers, and trend setters alike, the Groove Life ring is sure to please the special person in your life. Made from comfortable, low profile, and flexible silicon, the ring puts any circulation or injury fears to rest. Unlike metal rings, Groove Life provides wiggle room and keeps out moisture with its breathable material. Whether exercising, working, making a fashion statement, or wearing daily as a wedding band, Groove Life has a ring to suite any wearers needs. Groove Life can be purchased online at $29.95

.groove silicone active rings 23248

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 at 11.56.27 PMThe Little Kernel

The newest popcorn brand on the market, The Little Kernel is a better for you snack with a unique, hulless, “miniature kernel.” Popped in 100% pure olive oil, each popcorn is gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher and certified with whole grains, making The Little Kernel the perfect gift for anyone on your Valentine’s Day list! Whether you are gifting your gifting your friends, a parent and even yourself, The Little Kernel is a delicious addition to this special day.

Even better, The Little Kernel comes in six delicious flavors, including:
    Truffle Sea Salt
    Sweet & Salty
    Pink Himalayan Salt
    White Cheddar
    Naked (No Salt Added)  

the zen of slow cooking Spice Blends

the zen of slow cooking Spice Blends Add Savory Serenity to Family Meals & Provides Jobs for the Disabled

Like many unique small businesses, the zen of slow cooking—which creates gourmet slow cooker spice blends—began in an effort to solve a problem. How does a busy mother of three juggle schedules, commitments and homework…yet still serve a delicious, healthy dinner every night? Especially when one child has special needs and requires extra TLC? 

For Meg Barnhart of Lake Forest, Illinois, the answer was surprisingly simple: start using a slow cooker, as suggested by a friend. The impact on her family was immediate.

“I would do my food prep while the kids were at school, so I was free to spend time with them in the afternoon. Afternoons were no longer chaotic. And the house was filled with wonderful aromas that calmed and grounded everyone, including me.” 

As the recipes kept coming and her family continued to benefit, Barnhart realized she was on to something. So in 2012, she partnered with Jane McKay, a young mom with a background in food science and recipe development. Then, the zen of slow cooking food blog was born, and what started as a recipe/lifestyle blog quickly grew into a promising business.

They started mixing and packaging spice blends to go with their recipes. When they debuted their products at a local farmer’s market, they sold out immediately. They started expanding and haven’t stopped. 

Today, their spice blends are sold at specialty grocers like Whole Foods and Peapod Online (where they’re packaged in popular meal kits) as well as on     

They currently offer 10 spice blends, including Coq au Vin (their best-seller), Daube Provençale (beef stew), Southwest Fiesta (chicken tortilla soup) and Smoky BBQ (pulled pork). They also offer seasonal Mulled Spices for wine and cider, plus a Sweet & Spicy cinnamon-based blend that’s ideal for breakfasts and desserts.

The “Zen Blends” are sold in two packs for $7.00 online. In addition to the recipe provided on each packet, their website features additional recipes and ideas for every spice mix.    

Providing Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

But that isn’t their only goal. Inspired by Barnhart’s son, the intent from the beginning was to build a business that would provide job opportunities for adults with special needs.

That led them to outsource their packaging to Planet Access Company (PAC), a packaging, shipping and warehousing company that employs adults with developmental disabilities. PAC is an enterprise of Search, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that serves adults with special needs.

In addition, a portion of every purchase goes to Drishti Donation, Barnhart and McKay’s own giving-back program. When their busy schedule allows, they offer complimentary cooking classes to adults with special needs and donate slow cookers to their community kitchens.


With its premium, leather accessory products, EZRA ARTHUR, is a brand who believes in quality men’s good handcrafted in America and designed for life. Ezra Arthur is owned by four brothers who honor their grandfather by crafting lifestyle accessories worthy of his name.

With items such as belts, carry goods, bracelets and grooming, every EZRA ARTHUR product is constructed of only the highest quality leathers, each chosen for their rich luster and natural strength.

Materials are chosen based on specific product criteria, measurements are exact, and all manufacturing is by hand. Every product is examined and inspected before it receives a final stamp of approval. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 at 11.57.35 PM

iPhone+ Wallet
Retail: $95.00

No. 1 Belt
Retail: $100.00

No. 2 Belt
Retail: $80.00

Double Wrap Bracelet
Retail: $40.00

No. 1 Front Wallet
Retail: $50.00

No. 2 Wallet
Retail: $65.00

No. 3 Wallet
Retail: $60.00

No. 4 Wallet
Retail: $95.00

No. 6 Wallet
Retail: $125.00

No. 8 Wallet
Retail: $170.00

Cordovan Strop
Retail: $250.00

gift guide


Fleur Loops by Eye Loop

The Fleur Loop magnetic eyeglass holder is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the significant glasses wearer in your life!

This is the popular Fleur Loop by Eye Loop and it’s simply great! Stainless steel, just one magnet, and Eye Loop’s signature lightweight design. This holds eyewear really well!

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Eye Loop now offers free U.S. shipping when you order $20 or more. It is automatic. International shipping is also available.


Arginmax is the only nutritional supplement for both men and women proven in published clinical studies, conducted in collaboration with major medical institutes.

ArginMax for Women– was shown to increase satisfaction in overall sex life in women by 72% according to an expanded, double-blind placebo controlled study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. The study was co-authored by the Professor and Chair of OBGyn at Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Mary Lake Polan. Check out the impressive NBC Nightly News segment on Arginmax here.

ArginMax for Men– in a study conducted by physicians from the University of Hawaii and Albany Medical College, men diagnosed with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction were placed on four weeks of ArginMax. At the conclusion of the study, 89% improved in the ability to maintain an erection during intercourse, while 75% improved in satisfaction with overall sex life.

WHAT IS IT? A scientifically-validated nutritional supplement for optimization of sexual health, with separate formulas available for both men and women. Each formula uses a variety of ingredients (L-arginine, Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, damiana leaf, vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, Biotin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, as well as the minerals calcium, iron and zinc) that increases blood flow to sexual organs, and ups their sensitivity as a result.

THE SCIENCE: While your body naturally produces Nitric Oxide – the molecule that relaxes smooth muscles and widens blood vessels, leading to more blood flow in your sexual organs – sometimes, your body isn’t producing enough, or utilizing it properly. This formula was designed to target that internal Nitric Oxide mechanism, helping your body create its own sensitivity, rather than artificially elevating it, the way many sexual health supplements do. No major negative side effects were reported in studies.

PRICE: Each formula: $119.99 for 3-month supply



Receiving one of these hand-arranged, hand-deliver bouquets from Teleflora will help deliver anyone’s message of love and romance!

Teleflora’s Love’s Passion Bouquet, $99.95

Classic romance is this radiant bouquet of red roses, crimson tulips and pure white lilies, hand-delivered on Valentine’s Day or any day in an exquisite blown glass vase. With its radiant red hue and unique twisting shape, it’s sure to take their breath away!

Teleflora Swirling Hearts Bouquet, $54.95

Celebrate someone special with this sweet bouquet of red and pink roses, arranged in a modern ombre style. Hand-delivered in a charming stoneware cube vase with artisanal reactive glaze and intricate heart motif, it’s a gift that will brighten anyone’s Valentine’s Day!

True Lovelies Bouquet, $54.95

Remind them just how “loved” they are with this sweet gift! In the prettiest shade of soft, blushing pink, this glazed ceramic vase features whimsical golden script and a graceful shape that’s perfect beneath a breathtaking bouquet of roses, alstroemeria and carnations.


1. Put passion to paper — Nothing says I love you (or I really like you, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here) like a thoughtful handwritten message. Iconic and timeless, the love letter is the ultimate symbol of affection. Not only does every onscreen romance in the history of forever feature a dramatic reading of a love letter, but 88% of real life lovers hold onto these special notes long after receiving them. This Valentine’s Day, grab your favorite Pilot pen and let your heart take it from there!

2. Gifts that keeps on giving — Woo your sweeties with surprises that’ll be treasured long after Cupid’s favorite holiday has passed. From the vibrant MR Retro Pop fountain pen to the slick and sexy G2 Limited, Pilot offers something to treat everyone this his Valentine’s Day — from lovers and friends to teachers and coworkers. Both thoughtful and practical, these premium presents are sure to become your Valentine’s go-to pens, reminding them of you all year long. (See below for more details). 

  • Pilot’s G2 Limited —Pilot’s signature G2 gel ink pen dress dup for the occasion, the G2 Limited combines the unsurpassed smooth writing of G2 gel ink with a premium metal barrel in rich matte color, premium metal accents and a comfortable color coordinated rubber grip. The perfect go-to pen for any Valentine looking to add a bit of style and sophistication to their everyday tasks. Price: $15.45. Images: HERE. Purchase: HERE (Amazon).
  • Pilot’s MR Retro POP — With vibrant colors, energy and motifs of the late 1960s and 1970s paired with the premium materials and quality of the MR line of pens, the MR Retro POP Collection brings a whole lot of personality and magic to the holidays.  Featuring premium brass barrels, stainless steel accents and nibs that are standard to the MR Line, MR Retro POP incorporates new striking pops of color and coordinating retro patterns on ‘middle ring’ designs. Price: $18.75. Images: HERE.  Purchase: HERE  (Amazon).
  • Pilot’s Vanishing Point Fountain Pen — For gift givers with a larger spending budget, Pilot’s Vanishing Point Pens are the world’s first and favorite retractable fountain pens offering a sleek and sexy present for that special someone. Brilliant design and ingenious technology are reborn in the refined, elegant style of Vanishing Point. The exceptional craftsmanship of the fountain pen barrel contains a mechanism of rare precision which allows the 18-karat gold nib to retract into the barrel when not in use. Price: $139- $175. Price: $131.51. Images: HERE.  Purchase: HERE (Amazon).


Give your loved ones a gift that’s both fun and functional: a stylish pair of Gold Toe socks! Whether you’re out and about for a night on the town or cozied up by a warm fireplace, Gold Toe carries an assortment of styles fit for everyone, making for the ultimate gift for any Valentine! 

Valentine’s will never get cold feet with these gift ideas from Gold Toe:

Gold Toe can be found at retailers nationwide such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny and Amazon, as well as,


Tastykake has whipped up delicious, no-bake Valentine’s Day treats that are easy to make and made with love. Each recipe takes less than 15 minutes, leaving more time to snuggle up with your sweetie. Whether you’re looking for goodies to give as gifts or a reason to bring loved ones together, these treats will do the trick.

Tastykake also offers festive, limited edition Valentine’s Day products that are perfect gifts for classroom parties, tasty treats for the teachers or sweet snacks for your loved ones. 

  • Tender Loving Cakes feature sweet coconut cakes coated in a layer of smooth dark chocolate. Price $4.49. (Available at local Walmart.)
  • Sweetie Cakes feature a cream filled chocolate cakes topped with sweet red icing and festive heart sprinkles. Price $4.49. (Available at local Walmart.)

Screen Shot 2017 02 07 at 12.09.06 AMSoftsoap Hand Wash + Lotion

Introducing the new Softsoap Hand Wash + Lotion line. Mom puts love into everything she does, why not give her back that love she deserves just in time for Valentine’s Day? Keep her hands as soft and gentle as her heart with the Softsoap Hand Wash + Lotion, made with a touch of lotion it locks in moisture for clean soft hands long after all the Valentine’s Day decorations are taken down.

New Softsoap Hand Wash Plus Lotion

  • Made with  a touch of lotion to lock in moisture for clean, soft hands
  • Leaves your hands irresistibly smooth
  • Available in three luxurious fragrances- Shea & Cocoa Butter, Aloe Water & Lime, Orchid & Coconut Milk
  • Suggested Retail: $2.49

Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum, the oldest continuously running rum distillery in the world with 300+ years of experience and world class products, is launching two new premium rums this holiday season that will be sure to delight rum connoisseurs and those looking to up their holiday drinks this year:

  • Origin Series: Volume Two, The Copper Stills Collection: The latest addition to the exclusive, limited-edition Origin Series, is a distinctive pair of tasting rums that are identical in ingredients, fermentation and maturity, but differentiated by distillation. For the first-time ever, Mount Gay has created one rum that is 100% distilled in a copper pot still and one that is 100% distilled in a copper column still. Our Master Blender, Allen Smith, created the unique pair to give rum drinkers the opportunity to taste the pure essence of each distillation method and learn how each part of the process can chance the flavor profile of rum entirely. The collection is available in 375ml sizes starting in November at premium liquor and spirits stores across the U.S. The SRP is $95. Additional details here.
  • XO Cask Strength: A limited-edition release (only 3,000 bottles will be available worldwide!) of Mount Gay’s award-winning spirit XO to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Barbadian Independence. XO Cask Strength embodies the essence of Barbados with an aroma that personifies the island’s bold, but humble personality. The rum has an ABV of 63% and will be available in 375ml sizes at premium liquor and spirits stores across the U.S. The SRP is $185.

Screen Shot 2017 02 07 at 12.09.14 AMGLOW for a cause

It’s time for the girls to take over Valentine’s Day this year and GLOW for a cause is here to help women around the country feel fabulous this February 14th with their Inspire scent! 

Be inspired this Valentine’s Day with GLOW for a cause!

Instead of letting Valentine’s Day be run by Hallmark, it’s about time ladies take a front seat and take this opportunity to empower each other. GLOW for a cause was created to pamper and empower women around the world to be their own inspiration February 14th!

Who says you need a man to make your Valentine’s Day? GLOW for a cause believes that you’re fabulous enough to be your own Valentine! We live in an amazing world with so many inspiring women that it’s about time we celebrate everything the ladies bring to the table! This Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself and the ladies you admire with the delightful floral and citrus scent “Inspire”!

GLOW for a cause “inspire” Scented Products Include:

  • Body Butter
  • Solid Perfume
  • Solid Perfume Vegan Blend
  • Roll-On Perfume
  • Roll-On Perfume Vegan Blend

If you’re looking for additional products to indulge yourself with, GLOW for a cause has an entire collection of fabulous gifts! 

Screen Shot 2017 02 07 at 12.09.20 AMAdditional GLOW for a cause products include:

  • Facial Creams
  • Facial Clay Masks
  • Facial Clay Scrubs
  • Lip Balm
  • Makeup Bag

Not only will you be giving yourself the gift of pampered beauty, you will also be giving back to charities that GLOW for a cause gives back to with every purchase you make!

Charities GLOW for a cause Gives Back to Includes:

  • Cowgirls vs. Cancer
  • Boston Firefighter’s Burn Foundation
  • The Red Sox Foundation
  • MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
  • The Gathering Place
  • Berni’s Journey

Learn more about the love at

About GLOW for a cause

GLOW for a cause is a beauty company unlike any other. What started out as a quest to create the purest and highest quality body care products and soy candles has evolved into a glowing movement. Founded by artist, teacher, and skincare productista, Johanna Querry Smith, GLOW for a cause is a passion project that makes both people and the world just a little more beautiful. GLOW for a cause products are made from the finest and purest ingredients available. Every time you buy a GLOW for a cause product, you are not only pampering yourself, you are giving back 5% to our partner non-profit organizations. Now that’s beauty that GLOWS on the inside and out.

CVS Photo

Keepsake Box –  Give your loved one a gift that they will cherish for years. This beautiful oak and mahogany stained box is perfect for small treasures. Feature your favorite photo of the two of you on the lid and fill it with some of your favorite memories (tickets to your first movie, other photos of the two of you, her favorite chocolates, or even a special gift like a watch or necklace.) The lid opens with a hinge and is lined with soft velour for a lovely finishing touch.
Price: $29.99

Screen Shot 2017 02 11 at 11.43.42 AM

Teddy Bear – This cuddly, golden-brown bear is made from high-quality plush material that’s incredibly soft to the touch. Order yours and personalize its sweatshirt to show a favorite high-resolution image. This teddy bear is versatile and sure to be loved by that special someone!
Price: $19.99

Screen Shot 2017 02 11 at 11.44.41 AM

Personalized Valentine’s Day Card – Wow your loved one with a customized Valentine’s Day card. Feature a photo of the two of you and include a hard-written, heartfelt message inside. You could even throw in tickets to the big game or to that movie she’s been dying to see!
Price: $2.99

Screen Shot 2017 02 11 at 11.45.30 AM

Screen Shot 2017 02 13 at 7.30.07 AMMatador NanoDry™

Say goodbye to wet, stinky or sweaty towels while at the gym, on the trail or on the road. The NanoDry™ travel towel is the latest in innovative travel gear by Matador. Available in two sizes, the NanoDry™ towels absorb 2.3x their weight in water and dry quickly while you’re busy running off to the next destination. Gold-coat™ antimicrobial treatment keeps the NanoDry™ Towels free of odors and bacteria.

The NanoDry™ towels are made of ultra-light nanofiber material and store in vented, compact silicone cases, making them the perfect choice for keeping in your gym bag, daypack or carry-on. The NanoDry™ towel will save both your space and sweat issues, keeping you dry and prepared for the next adventure.

Get outside and explore with NanoDry™ – the towel that combines everyday practicality with the high caliber of the Matador brand.

NanoDry™ Shower Towel (Large) – $34.99

  • Full-sized travel towel (120 x 60 cm)
  • Gold-coat™ antimicrobial technology for long-lasting use
  • Ultra-light, nanofiber material
  • Vented, silicone carrying case dries towel while keeping your other gear dry
  • Absorbs over twice its weight in water
  • Easily affixes to luggage with included carabiner for quick dry

NanoDry™Trek Towel (Small) – $19.99

  •  Compact, gym or travel size towel (39 x 39 cm)
  • Gold-coat™ antimicrobial technology for long-lasting use
  • Ultra-light, nanofiber material
  • Vented, silicone carrying case dries towel while keeping your other gear dry
  • Absorbs over twice its weight in water
  • Stainless steel keyring makes for neat fit on keys or gym bag

Red ForteraScreen Shot 2017 02 21 at 7.44.42 AM

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and when it’s late at night and you are whispering Sweet Nothings into your partner’s ear, they will definitely be telling you to “Take Me Home Tonight .”  Whether you and your partner just Talk About Sex or you want to Push It real good before Hammer Time, Red Fortera is a solution to make a night full of Explosions and Fireworks.

Red Fortera is an all-natural performance enhancement supplement, clinically tested and physician recommended to go All Night Long, and let’s face it, no one wants a One Minute Man, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Even if you’re Drunk In Love, Red Fortera’s virility formula will even help the Anaconda to Get On Up.

Available at Amazon and Walmart, Red Fortera is reigniting the Sparks in the bedroom and partners are Crazy In Love once again.

Fallen Leaves by Christopher Leon Cussat

Fallen Leaves is the first published volume of poetry by Christopher Leon Cussat. Cussat’s writing has been described as compelling, heartfelt, intricate, passionate, powerful, striking, surrealistic, and thought-provoking. Fallen Leaves is winner of the 2015 Vibrant Poetic Voices Award which recognizes poets whose contributions to the written word are redefining the genre. Shade Seekers Press, First Edition, 2015, 35p ISBN-10: 0-9827534-0-3 / ISBN-13: 978-0-9827534-0-8.

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