Retirement: Labor Done

Updated on January 1, 2022

By Jerry Robbins

At desk I toil till noonday sun
Push back my chair my labor done
Ease my mind
All thoughts unwind
Now it’s time to have some fun

Perhaps peruse Mark Twain’s thick fluff
Or scan the shelves for stouter stuff
Or toy with verse
as I rehearse
Whether or not I have enough

Material worth putting out
Ideas that have some clout
Or words that caress the inner ear
Sober us or bring us cheer
What is it I should be about?

Retirement is such a hoot for me
There are no pressures that I see
No deadline looming
No excessive grooming
I lean back in my soft Tee

I hope when you give up employment
You will find as much enjoyment
Wandering in your leisure mind
Pleasantries there to find
Waiting for their employment

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