Reasons to Enjoy Green Tea

Updated on December 30, 2021

They say that green tea is the healthiest drink, and you can gain various benefits from it. It is a superfood, but you still have to exert efforts other than drinking green tea. That includes exercise, healthy eating, and good health practices. Drinking green is one of the ways only to achieve a healthy body. Many people enjoy this tea, and it complements a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You might be wondering why many people make a switch to green tea. If that’s the case, you can find the reasons for this change. Learning them might change your mind and shift to drinking green tea instead of coffee.

Reasons to Love Drinking Green Tea

People differ in the amount of green tea they can drink per day. That depends on the person and their health condition. Asking your general physician can help determine how much you can drink. Meanwhile, below are the reasons why people love to drink green tea, which can make you want to drink, too:

Green tea is full of antioxidants. These substances protect your body cells from damage. In effect, you can prevent premature aging and chronic illnesses. In general, it offers a broad range of protection to a person’s health. That is why it is asuperfood, and people add it to their daily routine.

It is a remedy for hair loss. Even your scalp requires nutrients. Green tea is an excellent option to enhance hair growth, and you can improve your hair texture. Meanwhile, you can also apply herbal serum for hair to keep it healthy and beautiful all day. You can have a glowing crowning glory.

Green tea is a great part of a healthy weight loss diet.It has components that can suppress your appetite. It also speeds up your calorie burning. Drinking green tea can help, but you still have to follow a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.

This tea can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Knowing this benefit can make anyone choose to drink green tea. Furthermore, it helps prevent their occurrence. Green tea can prevent mouth, kidney, pancreatic, and stomach cancer. Asking your physician can help you get more details about it.

You can also lower your blood sugar levels by drinking green tea.Type 2 diabetes involves insulin resistance, causing the cells, muscles, and liver not to absorb glucose. In effect, the risk of cardiovascular disease is high. Fortunately, green tea can reduce this insulin resistance and improve sugar levels.

Another benefit you can gain is mental alertness. Drinking green tea can improve your brain’s health. For this reason, you become more alert. Green tea can wake you up without making you anxious or causing jitters.

You can also gain oral health benefits. Green tea can lower the acidity in your saliva. It also reduces dental plaque. The catechinsin this tea help you fight bacteria that can cause issues to your teeth and gums. In general, oral health is crucial in achieving excellent overall health conditions.

Green tea supports bone density and prevents bone loss.Drinking this tea protects you from bone loss and reduces your risk of fracture. In effect, you can maintain bone strength and quality. It can also stimulate mineralization. As a result, it generates bone formation.

These benefits are more than enough reasons to drink green tea. You already know why many people shifted to drinking this tea. You are free to make your choice. Besides, you still have to find out how much green tea you can consume every day. Below are some side effects that you might encounter after drinking green tea, requiring you to consume it in moderation:

  • Too much green tea can cause jitters.
  • It can also affect your sleep if you drink too much.
  • Tea is a diuretic, which means you can dehydrate if you drink excessively.
  • Furthermore, too much green tea can lead to headaches.
  • Some people experience an upset stomach after drinking green tea.

The effects of green tea on the body can vary from one person to another. That is why it is best to drink it in small amounts first. This way, you can confirm how it can affect you. Furthermore, it is also the best option to visit your physician before drinking green tea. It will help you know the right amount of green tea you can drink if you have any health issues.

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