Reasons Seniors Are Safer Drivers Than Young Adults

Updated on May 5, 2020

While we’re older, that doesn’t make us incompetent—and that’s especially true when it comes to driving. These days, kids seem to think they have it all together between their technology, influence from their friends, and more. We can’t completely blame them, though, because we thought we were indestructible when we were younger too. However, when young adults say they’re better drivers than us seniors, that’s where they cross the line. Keep reading for a few reasons seniors are safer drivers than young adults.


Of course, technology has made life better in some ways, but it’s also made it arguably worse in other ways. Teens and young adults are much more likely to get into accidents due to distracted driving from texts, music, and Snapchat. Luckily, we don’t have that same need to always use technology. In our day, you either knew how to drive or you didn’t—there was no gray area.


Obviously, seniors have more experience––that’s why we’re seniors. However, our experience also comes with wisdom. We’ve learned driving skills over the years, and we know what to look for in order to stay safe. Plus, we come from an era where driving was seen as an experience, not just a mere medium of transportation. Not to mention, we also knew how to maintain our vehicle. For instance, we know what to look for in replacing tires and how to change a tire. So, if your car needs some fresh tires (because you can tell), check out the affordable and high-quality tires in Anderson, SC.

Common sense

Of course, seniors have the most common sense––obviously. We plan and allow ourselves plenty of time to get wherever we need to go. We obey the posted speed limit signs, come to full stops, and use our blinkers. Alternatively, we consistently see young adults speeding and not leaving themselves enough time to stop if needed. However, all they need is a little planning.

All joking aside, regardless of their excuse or our excuse, we’re all human. There’s no question that safety is important when we’re driving, and nobody wants any trouble. However, if we’re just patient and leave ourselves time, we’ll all be okay—but seniors are safer drivers than young adults, for sure.

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