Outdoor Hobbies and Activities Seniors Can Enjoy

Updated on April 25, 2022
Outdoor Hobbies and Activities Seniors Can Enjoy

Are you or someone you know looking to get outside and stay active? The great outdoors affords many opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy. If you’re looking for ideas, explore this list of outdoor hobbies and activities seniors can enjoy!

Partake in Nature Photography

Before cameras were on our phones in our pockets, nature photography was a favorite of many. If you have an old camera and some film in the back of the closet or storage somewhere, take it out and put it to use for a vintage outdoor activity!

It may not be as convenient as a smartphone, but there’s something special about using a real, old-school camera and developing your film yourself! Plus, it gives you an excuse to go outside and enjoy nature for a few hours! If you don’t have a camera, you can find many people selling theirs online or at flea markets for an affordable price!


Start a scrapbook of your favorite nature spots filled with your favorite wild animals and plant life!

Try Out Fly Fishing

Fishing is a relaxing hobby that lets you enjoy the great outdoors, but fly fishing is an even better experience. Fly fishing is something every angler should try once and is fun even if you’ve never fished before!

Many places offer guided fly fishing tours to teach you how to cast and catch a trophy fish worthy of hanging on your wall! Along with catching fish, anglers can tie their own flies for fly fishing, adding another level of personalization and another hobby you can work on when you’re not fishing.

Start Gardening

Gardening is a tradition that dates back thousands of years that people of all ages participate in. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, gardening is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while also contributing to nature!

Consider starting a simple vegetable garden of peppers, cucumbers, and carrots for some delicious homemade salads. Once you have the hang of everything, graduate to more challenging vegetables and herbs, like onions, kale, and garlic! Veggies taste better when they come from your garden!

Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for staying healthy and energetic no matter your age. It’s especially beneficial for those who deal with joint or back pain since it’s a low-impact workout that still makes you break a sweat!

Consider heading down to the local community pool or fitness center to do a few laps now and then. Many local aquatic centers offer aquatic exercise classes that are also great opportunities to meet new people!

As you age, it becomes harder to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully, this list of outdoor hobbies and activities seniors can enjoy has given you some ideas for ways to get outside and enjoy nature while staying active!