Men’s Guide on How to Dress on the First Date

Updated on November 5, 2018

Your outfit and appearance will have a great impact on how the first date turns out. Apart from asking the right questions, what you wear and how you look is going to make the first impression. Whatever you may choose to wear, you need to feel comfortable in the attire and be yourself. Do not sweat it, here is a complete guide on what you should wear to impress your date.

Shirt: Do not wear a t-shirt on your date, it will look very understated. When you want to make a great first impression, you need to wear something traditional like a button up shirt. The classic, crisp white shirt will never go wrong. It should be comfortable and it should have the right length in order to ensure that it looks good even when it is untucked.

Jacket: If you are going to be in a casual ambiance, you get a chance to make a great first impression with a stylish bomber jacket. It can serve as a sporty layer and will convey masculinity and elegance. The jacket will look much better than the usual cardigan.

Jeans: Jeans are relaxed, comfortable and also add a sexy appeal to your attire. Khakis could make you feel like you are in the office and trousers will become too formal. Choose a dark, denim pair with a slim fit and pair them with the white shirt. Ensure that it is not too flashy and it should be comfortable.

Shoes: A lot of people judge men by the type of shoes worn by them. Sneakers could be your favorite but women will take note. You need to choose shoes that are posh and stylish in the quality and in the condition. Pick shoes that are less stiff and less formal. You need to pick your shoes depending on the place you are headed to. Do not wear formal shoes to a casual place like a bar. You can visit Chanel Carvalho for the perfect first date.

Watch: Your sleek and stylish watch has the ability to enhance your entire look. However, it is important to pick the right watch. Men should invest into a great timepiece which is classic and is equipped with the latest technology. You could also wear a smartwatch on the date. Your watch will reflect your taste and personality.

Wallet: Last but not least, when you pick up the wallet, you could kill the mood with a beaten up old-fashioned piece. Women notice everything you own and when you take the wallet out of your pocket, you need to ensure that it reflects your personal style and preferences. Get your hands on a classic bifold wallet in a brown or navy blue shade and ensure that it is in good condition.

Women notice little things and they pay attention to the quality of the stuff you use and wear. This is why it is important to invest into timeless pieces in order to make a good first impression.




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