Kitchen Hacks & Cooking Tips for Healthy Eating

Updated on April 11, 2021

Homemade food is always healthier than restaurant food. Eating homemade food is the easiest way to control calorie intake. Even if you are eating homemade pasta or cheeseburger, it will not harm your health that much. If you want to make your food healthier, here are some of the healthy cooking tips and kitchen hacks. So, keep these in mind while cooking next time.

Roast your food

Often, we fry our meal to make it tastier. But always keep in mind that you are adding more oil to your food when you fry it. Oil is not good for a healthy diet, so try roasting your meal on a sheet pan. Thus, your meal will be ready, and cleaning the dishes will also become easier.

Sauté some of your food items

There are numerous vegetables that should not be fried or boiled. They tend to lose all their nutrients as they are heat sensitive. For example, spinach is a vegetable that does not need to be cooked. So, always sauté these vegetables and eat when they are still warm.

Bake your food

Potatoes are great appetite suppressants. They also contain several healthy nutrients. But if you are consuming fried potatoes dripped in oil, it is not healthy at all. That does not mean you need to stop eating fries altogether. Bake your fries with a bit of oil and pepper, and your crispy snacks will be ready. These will make you feel full for a longer time without adding many calories and fat to your diet.

Eat a lot of vegetables

Vegetables are great for our health. These are packed with essential nutrients like iron, vitamin, fiber, and other. Eating veggies doesn’t mean that you have to consume tasteless boiled dishes. You can always add some cooked veggies to your favorite dishes and make them healthier and tastier. For example, you can put roasted vegetables as toppings on your pizza or pasta. Thus, your meal will become nutritious and keep you full for a long time.

Replace cream

Creamy pasta can also be healthy if you replace the cream with something else. Using a lot of butter and cream in our meal is not healthy. So, you can use some home ingredients to make an alternative that tastes like cream. You need to melt butter and add some flour to it. After mixing them well, add some milk and cheese. Thus, your roux is ready. This can be used as a cream sauce for different dishes. 

Vegetables as a side dish

You must learn portion controlling your food. Always fill half of your plate with some healthy vegetables and the other half with your favorite meal. If you are gulping on your favorite dishes every day, you may damage your health and appetite. To avoid such a situation, add some vegetables as a side dish and enjoy your meal.

Chia seeds 

Chia seeds are filled with dietary fiber. This helps us to lose our extra weight and prevents autoimmune diseases. So, sprinkle some chia seeds on your breakfast and make the meal healthier. You can add chia seeds to your toast and then add some butter. One can also sprinkle chia seeds on their yogurt, oats, and pudding.

Swap carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are harmful to our health. So, try swapping all the carbohydrates with whole-grain products. For example, you can swap your bread, buns, pasta, crackers, pizza dough for whole-grain alternatives.

Make homemade jam

Do you love jams? But be careful, they can increase your sugar consumption. So, make homemade jam. Heat berries in a saucepan and apply the sauce to your bread. You can do this to other meals as well like pancakes, oatmeal, and muffins.

Use oat flour

Oats are full of nutrients and are gluten-free. So, instead of other flours, you can bake with oats flour. To make oats flour, blend some rolled-cut oats. Now, you can replace whole-grain or wheat flour with this.

Add sliced almonds

Nuts are packed with rich nutrients. You can add them to different desserts and salads. But be careful, nuts and almonds add calories to your diet. So, buy a jar of sliced almonds. Thus, you will get more crunches without in-taking excessive calories.

Add milk to your eggs

Do you love eating fluffy scrambled eggs? You do not need to add a lot of cream and cheese to make them fluffy. Just add some milk and a little butter to your eggs. Stir the eggs continuously and your fluffy scrambled eggs are ready.

A healthy diet gives you a healthy life. So, if you want to create healthy dishes, then visit hooked to cook. Other than that, these kitchen tips and hacks will help you a lot. You can bring in these tips and tricks while cooking regular dishes and see their effects yourself.


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