How to take care of your elderly parents from a distance?


With people moving towards different cities and states for better growth opportunities, the family members tend to live far away. As a result, even the highly crowded states like NJ witness elderly parents feeling alone. On top of this, when your parents living in another place start to show some unpleasant health signs, it’s time they require 24*7 monitoring and care. That’s when they are no longer able to handle their day-to-day responsibilities and manage their health. 

Such circumstances often make people juggle being a caretaker for their parents or focusing on their careers and jobs. And that’s when you should look upon external help as an extended helping hand for you. But before anything else, you should be the first one to look after your parents and do the needful to make them feel valued. Here’s how and what all you can do. 

#1- Stay in touch – It’s common for young lads to occupy themselves in new lives in new cities and minimize the timeframe for their families back in their hometown. That’s the first thing you need to change about your lifestyle and behavior to make your parents feel happy and comfortable (even when geographically apart). Make it a habit to call them regularly so they can share their worries with you. Doing this much brings a huge difference in their life and negative perspectives running in their minds. 

#2 – Make use of technology – At once, you may find it frustrating to teach your elderly parents the art of accessing smartphones. But that’s the real test of your patience. Teach them the basics of cell phones for seamless communication. Doing this needful task will help you conduct video calls with your parents whenever you feel like it. This is the best way to make them feel connected with you all the time. 

#3 – Hir an overseer – When the situations are critical enough not to be ignored anymore, it’s a good idea to hire a dedicated caretaker. This thought may have left many of you scratching your head over -how to hire an overseer for it? Well, that’s not a daunting task to accomplish. Find reliable connections to seek information about the best caretakers in the area. For instance – if you are visiting physicians in NJ with your parents, consult the staff or practitioner for such advice. This will help you get some good references. Most caretaker assistance providers offer – ADL assistance, chronic care management, physician services, and more. 

#4 – Be ready with an emergency plan – You can’t figure out when you may be required to leave your job or current home for the sake of your parent’s health. Therefore, always be ready with a plan B to handle the circumstances effectively. This should include everything from managing your financial state to aligning a close family member with your parents. 

The last word – 

Elderly parents phase a delicate time in their lives in terms of health and emotional state. That’s when they require their caring children to be around them. This can be a beautiful or miserable time for them to spend. It all depends on how effectively you care for their lives and health. 


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