How Apixaban Works

Updated on March 26, 2023

Blood clots are a common problem amongst the elderly, but it’s not unheard of for blood clots to occur in younger people, too. The solution here is using blood thinners. Apixaban or Eliquis is one of the most commonly used blood thinners on the market. It’s a prescription medication that’s particularly effective at alleviating and preventing blood clots.

But how does the drug work? What is it prescribed for? What are the side-effects of using it? Well, as it turns out, not many people are aware of how this medication works.

How It Works

The primary purpose of apixaban isn’t removing blood clots; this prescription medication is all about prevention. How does it achieve this? Well, what it does is make your blood flow less congested, allowing the blood to flow through your veins smoothly.

Essentially, blood clotting is a standard thing. Whenever we cut ourselves, the blood clotting properties in our blood make sure that the wound heals as quickly as possible. This is how scabs are formed.

However, in some instances, blood clotting can occur in our veins. This is a severe problem that can lead to everything from limb decay to brain stroke.

How does this happen? How does the blood clot? Well, this is a process that involves something called clotting factors. These clotting factors are produced inside the liver. The blood cells called platelets trigger the clotting process, which includes the above-mentioned clotting factors.

In some instances (liver issues), however, these clotting factors go into rampage mode, literally thickening the blood. This can easily lead to blood clots, as it sometimes does.

This is where apixaban kicks in. This prescription medication stops the factor Xa (one of the most vital clotting factors) from working. The result of this is blood thinning, meaning that it takes longer to clot.

Treatment Duration

Given the fact that apixaban is a commonly prescribed blood thinner, its use is very wide. Yes, it’s used in people who’ve suffered from a blood-clot induced stroke, but also in patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery.

So, if you’ve undergone a knee replacement, your apixaban treatment should last for up to two weeks. Hip replacement surgery, however, dictates that you should take tablets for more than a month.

Patients who’ve suffered from a blood clot will likely end up taking apixaban for three months or more.

Then, there are patients with atrial fibrillation, who have to take apixaban for quite a while, possibly for life.


Like any other form of medication, there’s a list of potential side-effects for apixaban. Some may occur, or never become an issue. The most serious side-effect of this prescription medication is potential bleeding in the brain, which is a very rare but incredibly serious occurrence. Bleeding in the brain can lead to severe headaches, seizures, eyesight changes, tingling in extremities, exhaustion, and general sickness. If you experience any of these, call the emergency services immediately.

There are other side-effects that are much milder. These include a lack of energy, breath shortness, heart palpitations, as well as pale skin. These might be the signs of anaemia.

You might also feel dizzy, get mild rashes, or feel nauseated. Although these are mild side-effects, you should refer to your doctor if they persist.

Finally, in very rare cases, apixaban can lead to a serious allergic reaction. Contact the emergency services if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction.

Apixaban and Other Medication

You should avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin while taking apixaban. Both of these pain meds can increase the chance of bleeding, which doesn’t go well with blood thinners – the thinner the blood, the slower it dries. This can lead to increased bleeding.

Paracetamol, on the other hand, won’t conflict with apixaban. Therefore, feel free to take it while using the blood thinner in question.

When it comes to other supplements, prescription medication, and herbal remedies, it’s best that you consult your GP before using them in combination with apixaban.

Once you’ve consulted an expert, you can order apixaban from a reputable online pharmacy like PremiumRX.

The Basics of Apixaban

This information should be enough to get you started with using apixaban. Of course, this is a prescription medication, so you’re going to have to visit your GP before getting it.

Don’t use apixaban or any other blood thinner in combination with other medications without consulting an expert.

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