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Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.10.46 AMUmbra 

Umbra is a Toronto-based homeware design company born over 30 years ago when graphic designer, Paul Rowan, couldn’t find a nice window shade to hang in his apartment window. So, he made one and people liked it. He soon teamed up with childhood friend, Les Mandelbaum, and Umbra (in Latin, “shade”) was born. Les and Paul began reimagining everyday items into modern ware.

Today, Umbra is recognized all over the world for bringing intelligent design to everyday items. An in-house team of international designers allows them to come up with original design that speaks universally and personally to a broad customer base. Below are some gift ideas for your mom this Mother’s Day:

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.44.25 AMGelPro® Elite™ Mat 

The new GelPro® Elite™ mat…a comfort floor mat for Mother’s Day? YES! Especially if mom is a serious foodie, spending hours cooking and entertaining in the kitchen, she will love you forever for giving her legs, feet and back a break! And they come in lots of new colors and patterns (see below).

One other plus – there are many new colors and patterns for the GelPro Elite mats, making them an attractive accessory that work well with any kitchen décor.  Love the tranquility of the ocean?  Check out our Shagreen Cabo or Mosaic Mineral.  If a pop of color is what you are looking for, take a peek at the Shagreen Cherry Tomato or Shagreen Electric Lime. Whatever your style, they have a mat for you!

When you think of the hours Mom spends in the kitchen – cooking, cleaning, talking, entertaining – it can be exhausting and create pain in the legs and back.  A recent survey by GelPro found that 68 percent of women say that it drains her energy to cook a meal at home and 44 percent have tried to alleviate pain/discomfort while cooking.

The GelPro mats rely on patented gel and energy-return foam technology, protecting feet, legs and back from discomfort and fatigue.

GelPro is offering 20 percent off the GelPro Elite and its other comfort mats from March 29 through May 10 with the promo code MOM2015


Cutco’s kitchen cutlery makes a great gift for mom.  Here are a couple of items that might be things mom doesn’t have in her long-standing kitchen collection.

  • Santoku Knife – this knife was popularized a few years ago, thanks to gaining the spotlight on some TV cooking shows. Cutco offers both a 7” and a 5” size. Pair the knives with our NEW Storage Sheaths and they’re safe to store in a drawer or transport to a picnic or vacation home.
  • Cheese Knife – it cuts cheese beautifully and does so much more. Our customers swear by using it on things like tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Super Shears (kitchen shears) – a versatile addition to any kitchen. Snip herbs, cut through a whole chicken and open stubborn potato bags. They separate for easy cleaning.

Because Cutco has a Forever Guarantee, these will be the last knives mom needs. They also offer free sharpening and repair forever. Plus, they’re tools she’ll use and think of you every time she reaches for them.

Think Board

Think Board.” provides a new thinking space. It is a clear adhesive that can turn any surface into a dry erase board, whether a desk, door or wall.

It is literally just a blank dry erase surface, but it is incredibly helpful with organization and reminders. For business owners, managers and students, there is an incredible amount of information to juggle, and while the first thought is to write them on your phone, a better solution is write them all over your walls. For example, in one glance you can see:

  • A calendar of your upcoming events;
  • A list of what needs to get done in the next day or two;
  • A reminder to take your daily supplements; 
  • What needs to get picked up at the grocery store;

and so on…

Mother’s of all ages could benefit by using Think Board, because it is essentially a huge reminder board, and can be placed ANYWHERE (on a smooth surface)!

Honest Earth Candles

Honest Earth Candles are a line of eco-friendly Positive Affirmation candles that make unique inspirational gifts for moms and grandmothers. Some of our positive affirmations include: Create the things you wish existed and Today I choose happiness. Our candles are a unique way to spread some light and inspiration every day mom or grandma lights her uplifting Honest Earth Candle.

Its healing wax candles are Good for You and Good for the Earth! Our candles use no synthetics or toxic chemicals in production. They use only 100% Non GMO soy wax farmed in the USA and only use 100% pure essential oils (free of pesticides and lab created fragrances) to scent its candles. As an added bonus the melted wax doubles as a hand moisturizer / massage oil.

Mattress Firm, Inc.

Insomnia — which affects more women than men — has become a hot topic in medical research and a recurring subject in the news. Recent studies have linked the disorder to higher risks of death, being caused by a sensitivity to stress and resulting in frequent nightmares.

In light of Mother’s Day, families should consider giving their matriarch the gift of sleep. And what better gift than the Lux Living Lavender Bliss pillow available exclusively at Mattress Firm for $129 ( Here are a few reasons why this pillow is the perfect gift for mom:

  • Features premium memory foam blended with natural lavender oil
  • Combination of memory foam and lavender oil creates a supportive, plush feeling pillow with the natural benefits of Lavender oil. Lavender has been used for centuries as a sleep aid and has been shown to promote relaxation and sleep quality.
  • Features ventilated channel technology to ensure maximum breathability, and is molded to ensure consistency and durability
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty to ensure peace of mind for years to come.

654-5SSAN_CRIP_2015_01_RGB_DPost-it Brand

The Post-it Brand offers a range of stylish and functional items for the mom who keeps the family and household going! Help the organized mom take daily messages to the next level with the Post-it Brand World of Color collections. For the fashionista mom, opt for the Post-it Brand Pattern collections of Post-it Flags and Tabs in new on-trend designs.


Fiskars, famous for the iconic Orange-Handled Scissors and known for its cutting tools and superior performance has products that would make the perfect gift for moms – Fiskars PowerGear2 for the gardening mom and Fiskars Tag Maker for the crafting mom. These gardening and crafting tools feature innovative designs that provide more cutting power and require less effort.

PowerGear2-Pruner_product_main Scallop-Tag-Maker_product_main

Master Lock

The Master Lock SafeSpace is a small, portable safe to store valuables such as jewelry, cell phones or credit cards while you’re out and about. Whether at your child’s sporting event or working out at the gym, the Master Lock SafeSpace is perfect for mother’s on the go, and provides your personal belongings with added security. Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.50.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.50.40 AMThe Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar and Master Lock 5422D Key Safe provide added protection to help your loved one remain safe at home. Safeguarding your sliding glass and patio doors with the added strength of the Door Security Bar and storing a spare key in case of emergency in the Portable Key Safe are two additional ways to help keep your loved ones secure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.08.20 AMTeleflora

For every mom, there is a great woman that came before her to ground her, guide her… with motherly advice, and inspire the essential teachings of motherhood….with patience and unconditional love. Whether it was cheering you on at every soccer game, cooking your favorite meal on your birthday, showering you with hugs and kisses just because, or being a devoted grandmother to your children – mom does it all. Since 1934, Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service has been delivering for generations of moms. Teleflora is the same florist family who helped celebrate Mother’s Day for your great grandmother 80 years ago, and proudly continues the tradition of recognizing and honoring moms of every generation to this day.

With so much history celebrating mom, it’s no wonder that in honor of Mother’s Day, flowers rank among the top two gifts, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Mom’s around the country report wanting to receive gorgeous bouquets of flowers to commemorate their special day. Top markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, and Chicago include flowers in the top five Mother’s Day gifts rankings. So give mom what she wants this year!

This Mother’s Day, Teleflora has teamed up with Ancestry, the world’s leading family history service, to pay tribute to mom with a fanciful 3-in-1 floral present. These floral gifts include stunning bouquets in lovely collectible containers plus a complimentary exclusive one month membership to to create mom’s family tree. Beginning in April 2015, with the launch of the new Mother’s Day bouquets, anyone who purchases Teleflora’s Beautiful Butterfly Bouquet or Teleflora’s Artful Elegance Bouquet will receive a complimentary exclusive-to-Teleflora one-month membership to, valued at $19.99 to trace mom’s roots and take advantage of one of the most popular pursuits in the United States.

(All Mother’s Day 2015 bouquets will be available for sale on beginning April 13, 2015)

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.24.58 PMGive a Mother’s day gift that will last a lifetime and reflect what the Mom in your life means to you with the art works from Saatchi Art’s Mother’s Day collection features works from dozens of artists, including six moms, and was hand-chosen by Saatchi Art’s curator Jessica McQueen.

Original art works at Saatchi Art wont’ break the bank – they start at as little as $135 (prints are as affordable as $35). You can choose from more than 500,000 original paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs by over 50,000 emerging artists from over 70 countries.

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