Fueled by Fate: An inspirational essay for seniors

Updated on February 14, 2024

Nothing has fueled the fire within me like facing Fate. On April 27th 2023, I turned 70.  For Christian believers, 70 represents God’s fulfillment of His promise of three scores and ten. So, for me, it was a wakeup call. Fate reminded me of my destiny and that destiny is death. Wow what a rude awakening!  Well instead of having an August Heat moment in April, I decided to take control of the present and make the most of the period between now and then. 

My dear sister Glenda and my daughter, Tashe, surprised me with a trip to New York, London and Paris. Although I have been to New York multiple times, everything seemed just a little bit different. There seemed to be a calmness over the normal hustle and bustle of New Yorkers getting somewhere fast. In fact, a couple actually looked at me and smiled. Even the cold weather seemed a little warmer. Perhaps it was my fuel within?

While in Paris, two handsome Frenchmen sang happy birthday to me. By the way, they sounded like two of the original Three Tenors. What a memory! A stranger whispered “it’s magical” as we watched the Eiffel Tower light up while cruising down the Seine. I smiled, but thought, it’s more than magic. Majestic may be a better word.

 I saw London from the Euro Star. The train ride reminded me of an Agatha Christie movie and the fog did not disappoint. I even captured a piece of culture at the Aldwych Theatre.

Afterwards, I flew to Los Angeles to care for my sister after a surgical procedure. Although this wasn’t supposed to be a vacation, we had a Kodak moment as we watched the sunset from Santa Monica Beach and listened to the smooth melody of Frankie Beverly’s “Golden Time of Day”.  The lyrics were so fitting.

There’s a time in your life
When you find who you are
That’s the golden time of day
And in your mind you will find
You’re a bright shining star
Ooh, that’s the golden time of day

If only we could freeze this moment in time. It warmed my heart.  Thanks for the fuel.

Later in the year, I experienced Latin culture with my daughter and granddaughter in Costa Rica. As difficult as it was seeing my daughter transition into adulthood, now I had to accept that my little girl granddaughter has made that same transition. I was surprised at the candor and openness in which she spoke. At the same time, I was disappointed that she was not the innocent little girl that I always wanted to protect. I could be custodial and didactic, or I could be warm and welcoming.  Fate reminded me that I will always be her grandmother, now we could be friends. I relented, reluctantly. As a result, I enjoyed meeting my 23-year-old grandchild for the first time as an adult. We are now known as the three amigas.

I celebrated the holidays with family, which included my 2-year-old and 5-year-old grandbabies. It took all the energy, patience and resolve that I could muster to keep up with them. My house was in total disarray when they left. I had forgotten what a temper tantrum looked like. The 2-year-old reminded me. But all was forgiven when they fought over who would sit beside me in the restaurant. To be loved. As my ancestors would say, “It’s like fire, shut up in my bones”.  I pray that fire will never be extinguished.

While I am painfully aware of its presence, I won’t let Fate consume me. I will purpose it to keep me energized, never to become sedentary. Fate, I know you’re coming. But you will have to run to catch up with me. Later!

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