Eric Dalius highlights the major 2020 business trends

Updated on October 23, 2020

Savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs have a creative vision. They are always working hard to ensure that their business organization accomplishes its goals and make profits. A business leader delves into the market such as best shares nz to know the latest market trends and assess how they can frame their marketing strategies accordingly. 

The first half of 2020 went into the pandemic shock!

And while the market is still trying to revive from the pandemic after-effect, the marketers and businesses are keen on studying the business trends. According to Eric Dalius, it will help them develop innovative strategies to make their companies progress in a better-equipped manner, keeping in mind the pandemic or any other crisis.

Business leaders and owners must address customer requirements and create fresh growth opportunities. Some of the critical business trends to keep in mind are:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Today, AI is everywhere, and it is making businesses experiment with new-age technologies. For instance, chatbots get made to replace humans to adhere to the social distancing norm. It is mostly getting used in the field of telecommunication, online retailing, and healthcare sectors. In the coming months, the AI-based solutions will get a boost, and there will be significant investments for the same.

Video edge-computing

The demand for server infrastructure will keep on maximizing, and the devices will get connected to the internet and one another. It applies to the video-camera solutions that need constant video streaming. By shifting computation to the edge, the video providers can minimize the server expenses. They can further add core features that weren’t available before. Eric J Dalius says that the investors will notice this and connect with the start-ups that offer AI, machine learning, and computer vision platforms.  

Decentralization of finance

The moment you hear of the decentralization of finance, you might think of cryptocurrency. It is also one of the 2020 business trends. But there are other facets as well. When it comes to conventional finance, we are witnessing a movement in power towards specific investor empowerment. The start-ups are drawing in brand new investors. Also, the traditional brokerages will drop or have dropped the fees and commissions for trading stocks.  

If you are considering an advanced robot-trading solution, it can outperform the hedge funds and stockbrokers. Currently, the business sector is witnessing a new path in financial development, which is decentralized than ever. The retail investor is gaining more power. 

Retail technology

The retail section gets impacted by Amazon’s dominance in eCommerce. Today, there are brand new technologies to help retail boom again. AI, machine learning, and computer vision can assess data from sensors and cameras fir re-inventing the shopping experience. It also helps to bring about brand-new efficiencies in this sector.

According to EJ Dalius, these are crucial business trends that have gained prominence in 2020. There will be endeavors to work on these trends to reap advanced business applications so that business houses can streamline their operations. Entrepreneurs and business owners must understand these trends and shape their venture accordingly.

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