Effective Ways to Enhance the Quality of Life for Elderly People

Updated on July 2, 2021
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“We must not just be recipients but givers! We must not just be keepers but donors! Giving brings relief, and sharing enlightens the heart. Caring joins, and showing love is life. It is never enough to acquire all the acquisitions. It is never enough to have all our ambitions. We must endeavor to give out of a true heart is true love, and true love is life.”

  • Ernest Agyemang Yeboah 

As per a World Population Ageing report, more than 703 million older adults are aging 65 years or above. Furthermore, the report reveals that this number is expected to double by the end of 2050 by making it a total of 1.5 billion people. 

The total number of aged people ranging between 65 and above has increased by 6% from 1990 to 2019. This makes it a total of 15.2% of the world’s population, which is above 65 years old. The census government report says that more than 40.3 million people fall under the elderly adult group in the United States. 

With the increasing number of older adults globally, the medical world tends to see a massive increase in the number of common health issues among aged people. Some of the most common health issues in the old group are – diabetes, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, etc. Moreover, the way we all are heading ahead along with the global pandemic circumstances, the health risks are expected to tenfold. Practitioners suggest that the unhealthy lifestyle has turned out to be a significant reason behind the declining health rate of older people. 

What impacts the health of older adults in your family?

There can be many reasons behind it. When individuals enter a specific age group, s/he tends to judge themselves according to others’ perspective and behavior towards them. It is the time when they require the most care and concern. The physical and emotional connection towards elderly individuals leaves a significant impact on their health. Besides this, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the aged group. If you are juggling with the same issues, then here are some hacks to get your life on track. 

Give them a sense of purpose to live healthily and happily – Until you don’t motivate them to work on their body and lifestyle, things won’t change at all. Moreover, no matter what age is, individuals must have a sense of purpose in their lives. When seniors are often neglected and shown no importance in the family, it demoralizes them, making it difficult for them to have confidence. Therefore, make sure to keep their happy spirits up by showcasing them their value. 

Evaluate the unexpected health signs – You may not have gone through stress or depression so far, yet it is essential to be familiar with its early signs. Thinking why? Well, because most people tend to undergo depression due to several reasons. Experts say it is because of negligence in child-caring roles, retirement depression, death of a spouse, loss of independence, loss of employment, suffering from any health issue, and much more.

In most cases, it is because of negligence in child-caring roles, retirement depression, death of a spouse, loss of independence, loss of employment, suffering from any health issue, and much more. Depression is turning out to be a major evil for aged people. Some of the most common symptoms of severe depression in aged adults are – fatigue, consistent sadness, ache and pain, irritation, lack of appetite, loss of interest in everything, insomnia, severe mood swings, and much more. However, this stage is vulnerable but if you witness any of these symptoms in the senior citizens at your home, make sure to pay additional attention to their behavior while helping them overcome the evils of this neurological disorder. 

Make them join a yoga or experience deep relaxation – People often consider the post-retirement age as one of the best phases of life where an individual lives without worrying about the financial crunches yet to come or fulfilling the parental responsibilities. But when you wake up to the realities of this age, you realize the number of depressive thoughts it comes with. Here, you need to let them experience deep relaxation through yoga, meditation, or other healthy activities. If you see them capable enough to join a gym center, encourage and give them a reason to get fit. This can be an excellent way to welcome liveliness in their lives. 

Improve their social skills – Let them step out of their comfort shells and meet people. However, the pandemic times may stand tall as a significant concern for them to step outside the home still make them step out safely, meet people or join online meet-ups with their friends. This tends to boost happy hormones within senior individuals while helping them find reasons to pay attention to themselves. 

Work on their diet chart – Most senior adults do not pay special attention to their lifestyle and diet. This often ends up in poor health triggering deadly circumstances in most cases. Aged adults need to spend significant attention on what they eat when they reach a particular age group; their immune system starts to weaken. This requires consulting a nutritionist or dietician who can assist them in altering their diet according to the body type. 

Motivate them for physical activities – Many senior adults live with a myth that excessive body movement can result in body ache or any other health issue. People need to come out of this misconception as it has made thousands of aged adults restrict their lifestyle and body movement.

You can still work – Just because you have retired from your regular employment does not mean you can’t work anymore. Therefore, get yourself a job to keep yourself occupied. This can help you avoid negativity at its best. 

The last line – 

Aged adults may have experienced life more than all of us, but they tend to look upon the other family members when it comes to preserving their health and overall well-being. As it is a delicate time, in terms of health and lifestyle management, the family members need to take charge and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the seniors in your family.


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