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Updated on June 1, 2021

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If you have ever looked at a map, then you will know the world is vast. It stretches to the ends of the page in most cases and is filled with names, colors, and all sorts of shapes and sizes of places. And if you are anything like me then you will have the desire to want to visit and see them all, while some options are not as easily accessible the rest are and that makes it all worthwhile.

I have wanted to travel and see places as early as I can remember and thankfully, I have had the opportunities to do so. In completing many adventures I have learned some tips and tricks along the way which makes the next excursion that much better. 

We think we know all there is when planning a vacation – at least I did – but I was surprised at how much there is to think about, to be aware of, and even more to check, especially if your trip involves renting a vehicle abroad as ours did.

Choosing to rent.

Initially, when renting a car while traveling abroad is suggested, our first instinct is to say “no thank you”. This is because we have heard rumors or horror stories that scare us off the option, or we simply believe it will cost too much. I can confidently confirm this is for the most part not the case, and opting to hire a car was the best thing we could have hoped for. 

We had a plan in place to make the most of the full 2 weeks while on holiday and this meant that we needed to be in different places almost every day which meant there was a lot of traveling to contend with. Looking at the various public transport systems and methods per town, we weren’t having much success and so we began our research into what it all entails to rent a car.

There are basics you need to consider when looking at which car would best suit the vacation, as well as personalized features you would like and to enquire and whether they are available as options or would an added fee be on the quote for them to be included. 

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Car rental considerations.

There are endless blogs and forums we can look through when wanting to find out which company is best, how to choose the right car, but the main objective is finding the best fit company to rent from, to begin with. 

You ideally want a business that has been around for a considerable number of years showing its experience, and that they have good work ethics that are represented in their customer return base, and also confidence in a quality service. The basics of an agreement can be read online, but more tailored and fine print details are determined by individual rental agencies and franchises so be sure to see what their stipulations are.

Think about budget, how much are you willing to spend, and there features that you don’t mind paying extra for, so be sure to set your limit. You don’t want to be excited by all the frills and thrills that are offered by the salesman on the phone and then suddenly you end up paying double than you initially intended on. 

Take your time to shop around, browse, and look at what is available for the area you are traveling through, this way you get a good indication of the average price you will be looking to pay and can decide from there. To get you started check out Go autos leiebil USA for a quick helping hand and to book the car to adventure with.

Once you have found the perfect one it is time to book and plan the rest of the journey, then on arriving in the vacation country and heading to pick up your booked hire car, have your checklist to hand of what services to expect from a rental agency. 

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Top 5 factors to check when picking up a rental car.

  • Externals. This is an obvious point but one that is usually done in a rush and minor flaws or imperfections are overlooked which could be charged for on return of the vehicle if not stated on the lease agreement or mentioned before signing. Take a good look and walk around the car, you are not in a rush so don’t let the salesperson pressure you. 
  • Fuel. Make sure you know what is needed to fill up the tank, petrol or diesel. Look at the fuel gauge and make sure it’s noted on the paperwork, this is usually how it should be returned. However, some agencies have a policy agreement where they prefer payment of a full tank when collecting but have an empty-tank-on-return application. 

There always seems to be something to look out for and to double-check, so knowing what not to do is also something to take on board, see here for some handy tips and tricks to make sure you have a safe journey and a good rental car experience. 

  • Navigation. While I love a vintage moment and the idea of using a crinkled, well-used paper map from the glove compartment it just isn’t feasible, even more so with the constant update and upgrading of road systems. Check if the car comes with a navigating console, if not a quick maps download via WIFI should do the trick. Or better yet, if you have a portable one that you can bring from home or borrow from a friend pack it in.
  • Get in. This is not a practice I was initially accustomed to, but after reading a travel blog it is on the essentials list, and it is a good thing too because we had the drama of being given a car whose headlights were not working. 

Thankfully, we were still in the parking lot and could get a vehicle swap, had we left and not checked by switching on the dashboard to check everything was as it should be it could have ended up costing us dearly. Replacing headlights abroad in a country where the language barrier could make things that much worse not to mention expensive would not have been a vacation highlight. 

  • Breathe. You’ve done all the checks, ticked off all the boxes on your pages of lists you brought with you, and you’ve left the lot, take a quick second to pull onto the side of the road and breathe. Adjust or re-adjust all seats, mirrors, and luggage if need be, set the sound system to the playlist you downloaded back home, and take in the moment. 

Too often we rush out of the rental agency and race to get to the hotel instead of enjoying the scenery of a new country, laughing at the constant self-reminders of which side of the road to be on, and sing as loud as we can to oldies at the top of your voice. Life is about these little images all joined as one great memory to look back on years later.

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Hit the road.

Let the vacation begin and the good times roll as they say. While planning the perfect holiday (although they never go as perfectly smooth as we would like) the stress of renting a car needn’t be added to the list of worries. With careful organizing and research, you will get the car that will make the vacation one to remember. 

Some of us opt for comfort over style when choosing a vehicle and this usually entails traveling in a big party or with children which makes it understandable, but if you and hubby are having a much-needed getaway I say go all out.

Choose a car that is known to be cliché for rich, old, and retired businessmen, a car that drives too fast, looks too flashy and has a soft top so that the world can see you living your life to the fullest. And why not, you have worked hard, earned your break and it is time to soak up the sun.

Traveling the United States is a wonder in itself, with so many cultures, traditions, and ethnic foods and drinks to try out it is a bucket-list must for everyone. Plus, the souvenirs are worth the added luggage at the airport, are they not?

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