Common Waste Disposal Mistakes Businesses Make (and What to Do Instead)

Updated on December 22, 2022

Waste management is an essential function of any business. The best waste management practices not only reduce costs, but also maintain the health and hygiene of employees and improve the level of discipline in the organization. While standard waste disposal practices make a business legally compliant, they also serve as a mark of high-quality. Take septic pumping for example, whether a business needs a Columbus septic pumping company or a company within their location, they need to know that they are getting an excellent service that can deliver.

Below we’ll discuss some of the most common mistakes business make when it comes to waste disposal, and what you should do instead!

Improper Recycling Efforts

Recycling is a concept that is widely misunderstood. While your intentions may be good, as recycling is a commendable practice, you should know that not all waste is recyclable. Including such items with recyclable ones will only create more trouble and cause more damage to the environment. For example, used coffee cups and pizza boxes are not recyclable. Therefore it is important to have a clear idea of what is recyclable and what is not, to properly sort waste materials, recycle all recyclable items, and dispose of the rest properly.

Unnecessary Expensive Practices

Not knowing enough about the nature of waste can lead to unnecessary expenses in your business’ waste disposal. For example, some types of waste can cost more to dispose of than others. Agencies should charge less for regular waste disposal compared to more for hazardous varieties. This means that if your organization is careless when sorting your waste and dumps ordinary waste in with dangerous materials, you could end up spending more than you need to.

Similarly, inefficient and even illegal waste management practices can also create an unnecessary expense. It is better to consult an expert such as phs Wastekit to perform an accurate audit of your waste management processes. They can present a cost-effective plan to eliminate unwanted losses, as well as suggesting ways to generate additional revenue, thanks to proper waste management.

Lack of Proper Schedule

A business must take waste removal seriously, and this includes timeliness. Otherwise waste can accumulate, resulting in congestion, air pollution, as well as possible contamination and spread of disease. There may also be other threats to your employees’ and clients’ health if hazardous materials are involved. You should also make someone responsible to ensure that a proper schedule is maintained for regular waste removal in a timely manner. Contract a responsible waste collection agency to collect your waste regularly and punctually.    

Negligence towards Hazardous Waste

Many companies only deal with ordinary waste such as discarded paper and disposable food containers. However, that is not the case for all organizations. Other organizations in various sectors generate hazardous materials occasionally or as part of their regular operations. Mixing hazardous waste with regular rubbish can be extremely harmful. Hazardous waste could include chemicals, medical waste, sharp objects such needles and blades, or even radioactive materials. Each category of hazardous waste must be separately collected and disposed of according to the applicable laws and guidelines; human waste, for example, should be collected in something like these septic vacuum trucks until the trucks are full and ready to go to an appropriate treatment facility.

Illegal Dumping

Even in this modern age, some companies continue the illegal habit of dumping their waste. This can have severe consequences for not only the business, but also the environment. Fly-tipping is a criminal offense in the UK and can attract a penalty of £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if proved in a Magistrate court, and an unlimited fine and five years’ imprisonment in a Crown court. Therefore, always dispose of your waste by contracting an authorized agency – it’s not worth it to do anything else!

Untrained Employees

It is important to have systems in place for properly collecting and disposing of your waste. This could include waste collection bins throughout your premises, a contract with a professional waste management or collection agency, and an adequate budget. However, if the company’s employees are not well-trained in handling the waste, all of your efforts could become useless. All your employees produce some form of waste every day, so everyone needs to know what to do with it and where to deposit it. They need to know how to distinguish between various types of waste materials and the importance of disposing of them separately. Otherwise, this can be very damaging to your company.

While waste disposal is one of the routine processes for any business, even a little negligence in this area can cause huge problems. Every organization should have a dedicated team or staff member to ensure that waste management runs smoothly in a way that is compliant with all relevant laws and guidelines. All employees should be adequately trained in effective waste management as ignorance can prove costly. It is important to contract an expert waste management agency to protect the health and safety of your employees, clients and anyone else who visits your premises. This will not only avoid legal penalties but also protect your company’s reputation.

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