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Updated on February 7, 2021

I guess you all will agree that so far, 2020 is turning out to be the worst. Everyone is caught up in the pandemic situation and everything is all so gloomy and depressing. But that doesn’t mean that you can deck yourself up and try out the latest beauty trends. Even in this situation, there are a lot of beauty trends that you can follow and try out the next time you have to go somewhere. So with all the social distancing and masked outfits, you can try out these trends. Don’t forget to visit and check out their latest launches. You can also use the available Twenty8 Promo code for availing of exciting offers on your next purchase.

·         Work out the eyes – since time immemorial poets, storytellers have said and written so much about the eyes of their loved ones. For them, eyes represented the deep ocean in which they lost themselves. Eyes play an essential role in enhancing your beauty. The latest trend of eye make-up is far away from Smokey eyes or other common styles. Do some research and try to experiment with the techniques and pick the one that suits you! After all, even in this situation, you can end up going out where you can try these on.

·         Shiny lips – gone are the days when just putting on different bright shades of lipstick would set the trend. Now a day’s lip glosses/lip balms are doing the magic. Yes, you heard me right, lip balms no longer keep your lips moisturized. Instead, they enhance them too. In recent times, many reputed lipstick companies are bringing forward lip glosses/lip balms that are much upgraded than the lipstick themselves, meaning not only do they keep your lips hydrated but also come in unique colours that give your lips a new look altogether.

·         Manicure – it is no longer just the regular manicure. Still, according to the latest beauty trends of 2020, the French manicure is a big hit. Unlike other manicures, the French manicure is not about coating the entire nails with the same colour or the typical set of combinations but instead coating the nails with bright hues and giving it a thin and edgy look. You can visit and check out their latest manicure sets. Don’t forget to use the available German Manicure Sets Discount Code to avail of discounts.

·         Line it unexpectedly – most of us are used to the regular blue or black eyeliner and we wear them everywhere. We don’t get it because this style no longer works; it is all the same old! If you want to stay in the trend, then it is time to go ahead and try out different eyeliners; bright orange or sea green, or burgundy. Do some digging and see which colour compliments your tone. Instead of sitting idly at home, try out these experiments of using different unexpected eyeliners.

·         Blush it off – we are all accustomed to the typical way of applying blush. But with the new trend, things have notched up a little bit. Instead of applying blushes plainly on the cheeks, the technique of diffusion is used while applying colour. Previously it was seen during the 80s, where the blush effects would sink into the eyes. So the next time you are applying blush, you can surely use this technique or try experimenting with it.

Thus, you could easily follow some simple beauty trends of 2020 to give yourself an all-new glammed up makeover. So that when everything gets to normal, you can set out as the new ‘you.’

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