8 Hobbies That Seniors Should Take Up



In this day and age, senior citizens are far more outgoing and willing to take up new adventures. Remember that the golden years are meant to be savored. So if you are in your later years, you should fill your days with as much activity as possible.

However, seeing as you’re not as young or spry as you used to be, you will need to choose the right hobby for you. Here are 8 hobbies that are perfect for seniors: 

  1. Yoga


One of the downsides of getting older is that your physical abilities tend to degrade in the long run. This makes it more difficult for seniors to get exercise. This is where yoga comes in very handy. By taking up yoga, seniors can still get a great workout, without damaging their joints or ligaments. Yoga is all about getting into various poses and holding them for a set amount of time. Although there is a learning curb, it is still an exercise that seniors could take up and enjoy.

  1. Miniature Models


Miniature model building is a great hobby for seniors because it takes patience, precision, and most importantly time. Most seniors are retired and have a great deal of time to spare. There is a certain tranquility and joy in building miniature models. This hobby is very detail-oriented, and there is a multitude of models to choose from. 

  1. Hiking


Although seniors should be more careful when it comes to physical activity, hiking is still a very effective exercise for seniors. The best thing about hiking is that you could go at your own pace, and you could choose a hiking trail that suits you. When it comes to hiking seniors should be as prepared as possible. They should also choose a hiking path that suits their endurance level because it would be difficult for their joints to take the added pressure and weight. They should also go in groups because this will make the hiking trips a lot safer.

  1. Bird Watching


There is a certain beauty and tranquility in bird watching. There is a multitude of birds out there, and it takes both patience and timing to find them. This makes bird watching an ideal hobby for seniors. A majority of senior citizens have a lot of time on their hands, and they can spend their time looking at various birds in just as many locales. When it comes to bird watching, it is important that hobbyists have the right tools. They should bring binoculars, a field guide, journal and pen, and a good quality camera to take pictures of the birds in their natural habitat. It is also important to have a guide because some birds are very elusive, and it could be difficult to find them without the help of a local or expert.

  1. Writing


Although it may seem cliché, writing really is a great hobby for seniors. Remember that writing takes a great deal of time and effort to master. It takes patience and a deep-seated passion to do well. When it comes to crafting stories, a writer should have a lot of experience to draw from. In this aspect, seniors have a clear advantage. They have decades of life experiences to draw from. They could even publish their own books and leave a legacy for their family and friends. Who knows, he or she could even develop a fan base, and start a writing career later in life.

  1. Drawing


Drawing is a great way for seniors to spend their time and show off their creativity. Drawing does not require strength, mobility, or youth. All it takes is time, patience, skill, and inspiration. There are many forms of drawing, that ranges from simple sketching to drafting. The art of drawing takes both time and effort to do right, however, it is a truly enjoyable art form, and it can be done practically anywhere. It could be done in the park while you’re sitting on a bench and it can be done in an art studio. It is also quite immersive, and the more one does it, the more enjoyable the activity will be. 

  1. Neon Sign Making


Back in the day, neon lights took a small fortune to create because it took professionals to install them. They were also quite dangerous to work with because they used sealed glass tubes, and breaking one of them could be dangerous. 

However, in the past few decades, new forms of neon lights have been invented. Now you no longer need to be a master glassworker and electrician to install neon lights yourself. They are also a lot safer because neon LED lights are low voltage, and could be cut and formed in various shapes and sizes. 

This makes neon sign making a great hobby for seniors because it takes both patience and meticulousness to do it right. These are two attributes that most seniors have in abundance. What’s more, there are sites online, that show numerous cool facts about neon, and tips on how to properly use them. Overall, neon sign making is a creative and safe hobby that seniors can get involved with. 


Senior citizens nowadays are a lot more outgoing and adventurous. So if you are in your golden years, you should enjoy every minute of it. One way to do this is to take up a great hobby. With this list of hobbies, you’ll be able to spend your time in the best way possible;