7 Essentials That Seniors Will Need During the COVID-19 Crisis

Updated on November 21, 2020
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The COVID-19 Crisis has changed the world dramatically. This is especially true for seniors who are the most at risk. So if you are at an advanced age, you will need to be as careful as possible. 

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, and if you are not on guard, and don’t practice proper self-care and protocols, you are at risk. So if you are a senior or taking care of a senior, you will need to prepare yourself for any eventuality. Here are 7 essentials that seniors will need during the COVID-19 Crisis:

Alcohol and Hand Sanitizers

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COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through hand to hand contact. If an infected person sneezes or spits on a surface, that surface becomes infected, and if you touch the said surface and you touch your face you will most likely get infected. So it is immensely important that you stock up on alcohol and hand-sanitizers. When you purchase alcohol or hand-sanitizers, it will need to be at least 70% alcohol, because anything less than that will not kill the virus. 

Whether you are going out or staying at home, it is very important that you sanitize your hands as much as possible. Although it may seem tedious to constantly wash your hand, it is a necessity in order for you to stay safe.

Good Quality Face Masks and Face Shields

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Most seniors are advised to stay home to decrease any chances of infections. However, there will be times where you will need to go out of the house. It could be to get groceries or buy medicine, etc. Whatever the reason may be, you will need to outfit yourself with a face mask and face shield. 

Face masks are very effective when it comes to stopping infections from spreading. Add this with a face shield and you will be increasing your protection to an even greater degree. However, not all face masks and shields offer the same amount of protection. So before you purchase any type of face shield, you should make sure that it is from a legit face mask contracted supplier.

 A good quality face mask or shield should meet the right health and quality standards before they are sent out for distribution. Overall, it is important that you are as discerning as possible when it comes to purchasing your face masks and shields.

Health Supplements

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According to studies, vitamin C is the most essential vitamin when it comes to combating COVId-19. So if you go out grocery shopping you should make it a habit to buy vitamin C and other health supplements. You should also stock up on fruits and vegetables. If possible you could also grow a home garden, that way you’ll have a steady supply of vitamins and minerals to add to your meals. 

Disposable Gloves

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Aside from packing alcohol and hand sanitizers, you will need to have a steady supply of gloves with you. This is especially important if you are going to crowded areas that require you to open doors a lot. 

When selecting gloves, you should choose surgical gloves. Although they are not as fashionable as cloth or fur ones, it is better that you stick with the disposable ones so you could just throw them after use. This helps lessen the risk of infection.

Disinfectant Spray

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When most people are at home they tend to let their guards down more often. This is understandable because your home is your comfort zone. However, this does not mean that you should let your guard down. 

The COVID-19 virus does not distinguish between your home or the outside world. So it is very important that you stock up on disinfectant sprays such as Lysol. Make it a habit to disinfect your home’s surfaces and doorknobs every other day.

A Stable Supply Line

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One of the biggest challenges of being a senior during a lockdown is getting supplies. Getting 

groceries could be hard enough and add the danger of the COVID-19 crisis, and getting groceries could become nigh impossible. So it is imperative that you formulate a steady supply line for yourself. 

If you have family and friends within the area, you could ask them to do your grocery for you.  You could also ask younger neighbors to help you out. When they come by to deliver the supplies, make it a habit to decontaminate the items before using them. Try to stockpile canned goods, medical supplies, and staple grains. That way, should your local government announce a lockdown or stricter restrictions, you’ll still have supplies to sustain you. If you are a naturally independent person, this setup may seem unusual for you, but we’re going through uncertain times so you will need to learn how to adapt.

A Healthy Lifestyle

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All the essentials listed above are very important, however, living a healthy lifestyle is by far the most important. Remember that COVID-19 is usually dangerous to people who have low immune systems. So it is imperative that you practice self-care. Take the time to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Make it a habit to meditate and clear your mind of anxiety and stress. Aside from your physical health, your mental health should also be a priority. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world a great deal, and although humanity has faced it valiantly, it is here to stay. In the face of this new normal, seniors will need to be as prepared as possible to minimize infections. With these essentials, seniors will be able to prepare themselves adequately for the COVID-19 crisis. 

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