5 Important Ways Moms Influence Kids

Updated on July 30, 2019

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Yes – being a parent, you’re responsible each & everything that your kids are doing in their life. Keep in mind that it is so much you constantly do for your kids, knowingly and unknowingly. Kids watch and mimic everything parents do & pick up on parental attitudes; that’s the reasons parents are the most important influence in their kid’s lives.

Media has a huge influence on kids, no doubt that the online world has an even tighter grip on them. Nowadays, kids imitate their favourite TV characters, pretend to be YouTube stars, beg for T-shirts, backpacks, or comforters emblazoned with logos. But the stunning fact is that parents still have a huge influence. And Moms play a vital role in the nurturing & development of their kids in a media-filled world. 

Go ahead to know the important ways Moms can have a positive impact on kids’ “media & tech” lives:

Important Ways Moms Influence Kids:

Here are the roles that you’ll play as a mother in your kid’s development & nurturing:

The First Bonds of Emotional Attachment:

As a mother, you are the primary caregiver in your kid’s earliest days, weeks and months – In short, you are your kid’s first link of any emotional bonding and attachment. Your infant will learn his/her first emotions about you.

Keep in mind the ways you bond with your infant in the earliest months and years will leave a deep impact on your kid’s overall well-being & development. The relationship between mother & child that you build with your child during the earliest years will greatly influence the way your child behaves regarding social and emotional settings, especially in later years.

As a mother, it is important how soon you react to your kid’s needs & how you try to take care of those needs will teach your kid a lot about understanding others’ and his or her emotional requirements.

Tip: Always be attentive towards your kid; it doesn’t matter how small or unimportant his or her need may seem to you.

 Teaching Trust and Security:

If you want to know the importance of mums influence kids, then read on. Two imperatively important life skills which your kid will learn from you are “learning to trust” and “providing emotional security.”

Remember that if your kid can trust you, he or she will be more confident and emotionally secure. So, as a mother, you have the onus of teaching your kid about the importance of being able to trust & be trustworthy as it is immensely important.

As a mother always makes sure you support him and encourage him to do better and be around when your child needs you. Your encouragement will make prominent your kid that your love for him is a constant, and it will make your child more secure.

Tip: Be honest with your child, and you ought to teach him the importance of always telling the truth. Assure him of your support every day and unconditional love, so that he feels secure & confident.

Insist On Device-Free Dinner:

Yes, most dads are in the kitchen than ever before, but moms remain in charge of getting dinner on the table. And that’s the reason they can set the tone for the meal, including insisting that put away all devices away so that families can concentrate on each other.

Experts say that sharing meals as a family can assist everything from behaviour to health

Stop texting and driving:

While both parents drive child around, it’s frequently mothers who spend lots of time in the car with kids. And kids are watching when parents pick up the phone for a quick text while cruising down the highway. So, you ought to Nix this habit immediately to set a good example for your future drivers. “Plus, it’s super dangerous!”

Family Is About Being Together:

Importance of a family is immensely important to influence your child, and he or she will learn the meaning of this very soon, especially from you.

So, being a mother, the way you interacts with other members of your family is important as it will teach your kid about many important relationships in life.

You have to take your child to various family outings and make sure that you introduce your kid to different family members.

Tip: Encourage your kid to have family meals together and spend more time with everyone in the family.

Well, these are the most important ways that you have to adapt for your kids future. You can calculate the age (and date) of your kid at calculator-online.net.

Parenting Style – Positive Parenting:

 Well, here are some simple positive parenting tips that can help when it comes to your relationship with your child. 

Warm, loving interactions:

You have to treat every interaction as an opportunity to connect with your kid. Being a parent, you have to give eye contact, a smile & encourage interaction, and warm expressions.

Have boundaries, rules & consequences:

Keep in mind that every child needs structure and guidance; thus, talk to your child about what you expect of them & make sure they understand.

Listen and empathise with your child:

As a parent, you’re responsible for acknowledging your kid’s feelings, showing them you understand and reassure that you are always there to help them whenever they have problems.

Problem Solving:

You have to help your child to problem solve – yes, be a good role model and tell them how to behave through your own actions. Adopt the legitimate way to solve the problem as when you with your children to find solutions they learn how to deal with difficulties in an actual way.

Qualities of a Good Mother:

Remember that it’s not just your kid’s health, but also his or her emotional & development that becomes your responsibility.

  • Patience
  • Encouraging
  • Understanding
  • Respectful
  • Firm
  • Always there for her children
  • Humble
  • Mentor
  • Approachable
  • Strong

As a mother, it is essential that you show yourself a little tender love and care. Keep in mind every mom is the heart of their family and a kid’s guiding hand. So, adopt the above factors to become a good MUM! Good Luck

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