4 Reasons Your Back Hurts From Truck Driving

Updated on December 6, 2022
4 Reasons Your Back Hurts From Truck Driving

Back pain is a frequent complaint among truck drivers, especially those aged 55 and over. While there are many different reasons your back hurts from truck driving, the good news is that there are practical solutions to help. Here are four causes of back pain and what you can do to feel better.

Trucker Back Pain Solutions at a Glance

  • Replace your cab mattress
  • Replace your driving seat
  • Practice proper lifting and sitting ergonomics

Too Much Bending Over

It’s common for truck drivers to lend a hand during the delivery and loading process. For one thing, it helps speed up the work, allowing drivers to get back on the road faster. However, it’s crucial that you don’t sacrifice your body’s comfort for speed. Make sure to never bend at the waist to lift boxes—instead, you should squat and lift with your legs.

Bad Cab Mattress

If you’ve never changed the mattress in your sleeper cab, it’s high time to do so. You never know how old that mattress might be, and most mattresses only last 7–10 years. An old, worn-out mattress can’t properly support your body and keep your spine in the correct curve. If you easily sink into your mattress when you lie on it, it’s time to put a mattress on your trucker holiday wish list.

Poor Sitting Ergonomics

Everyone loves to talk about the proper way to sit at an office desk, but did you know there’s a proper way to sit in the driving seat, too? Unfortunately, many older truck cabs don’t have fully-adjustable seats, which can put additional stress on your body. If you can afford an upgrade, replacing your driving seat with an adjustable one is not a bad idea.

Worn-Out Seat Suspension

The suspension in your driving seat can wear out over time, which also contributes to back pain. The suspension should keep your chair from hitting the cab floor every time there’s a bump. If it wears out, your spine will feel the shock of every bump in the road, which is a major reason truckers experience back pain.

It’s wise to replace your mattress and driving seat if you need to address the causes of back pain from truck driving. Then, focus on sitting and lifting objects in the correct way to give your body a break from all the stress it endures.

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