4 Reasons Your Aircon could be Causing High Power Bills

Updated on July 7, 2020

If you suspect your aircon is the reason behind high electricity bills, the unit is possibly not maintained well and requires a thorough inspection. It might also do you good to check out power supply singapore to see if you can get a more energy efficient power supply that will not rack up your bills every month. Check out the following common issues that cause air conditioners to use more power than they should.

Unclean air filters

This is the most common reason for aircons’ poor functioning, which causes power bills to shoot up. The air filters are your aircon is first defense against dust and other particles. They protect the internal components, including the coils, from dirt and debris and keep the aircon working at full efficiency.

Cleaning the air filters regularly and replacing them when needed is essential to avoid build-up of debris, which clogs the filters and restricts the free flow of air through the ducts. This in turn causes the aircon to work harder and take longer to cool the room, leading to increased energy consumption.

Poor maintenance and irregular servicing

A poorly maintained air conditioning system is prone to excessive wear and tear and component damage that is easily avoidable. Lack of regular service compromises the unit’s efficiency and puts load on the internal components, causing unnecessary overheating of the compressor and leading to increased power consumption.

A well-maintained and timely serviced air-conditioning unit works at full efficiency and won’t surprise you with high electric bills or unexpected repair and replacement costs.

DIY cleaning is often not enough, unless you know how to take the unit apart and clean and inspect it from the inside. To ensure that your aircon is in top-notch condition throughout the year, have it serviced by certified technicians from a reliable company such as Airecontrol’s aircon servicing, a leading aircon repair & service company in Singapore.

Damaged or leaking ductwork

Your AC’s ducts are responsible for dispensing cool air in all the rooms. If the ducts are leaking or damaged, they will not be able to deliver air efficiently, leading to loss of air.

If the aircon is not able to do its job of cooling your home as per the thermostat setting, it will work harder and take longer to meet the thermostat requirements. Therefore, your duct work needs to be in perfect condition to avoid leakage of air. Have it inspected by a trained technician, who would either fix the leak using a duct sealant or replace the damaged part.

Unnecessary heat in the rooms

Even if your aircon is well maintained, it may not be able to cool your home as desired if there are other elements increasing your home’s temperature. If your aircon takes longer than usual to cool your house, it will have to exert itself and use more energy.

You can optimize your AC’s performance by ensuring that doors and windows are closed when it’s on. Draw the curtains if the sun is too strong outside. Turn on the fan to distribute cool air throughout a large space. Also remember that lighting and appliances such as ovens also increase the indoor temperature.


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