4 Incredible Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Updated on August 20, 2022
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Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, however, it can be especially beneficial for seniors and aging adults. Yoga, an ancient form of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, originated in India thousands of years ago and has survived into the modern-day as the benefits are so great. 

Yoga is increasing in popularity as people are discovering that they don’t necessarily have to go to a yoga studio to practice it and that they can do it right in the comfort of their own homes. Likewise, people of all ages are taking up yoga because of the various benefits. However, seniors may be the demographic that are benefiting the most from it. 

What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Seniors?

Because yoga is so beneficial to seniors, retirement communities all over the world are offering it to their residents. In fact, an independent senior living in Pennsylvania finds yoga so beneficial for its residents that they offer weekly classes for their residents so that they can take advantage of what yoga has to offer.

By now you may be wondering what those benefits are; below are the top 4 benefits that yoga will have for seniors. 

Yoga Will Preserve and Improve Muscles

As people age, it’s imperative that they do all that they can to preserve and improve their muscles so that they don’t lose the ability to move and get around. If a senior doesn’t have strong muscles, he or she will lose the ability to get up and down and or pick him or herself up if a fall occurs. 

However, when one practices yoga, various muscle groups are being used that will strengthen and preserve the muscles. Yoga is all about stability and strength and with the hundred yoga poses, seniors will have the chance to focus on their strength so that they remain strong in their golden years. 

Seniors Will Stay in Shape

In addition to improving and preserving muscles, seniors will stay in shape when they practice yoga. With the various postures and movements required in yoga, seniors will be able to stay active and prevent themselves from gaining weight.

It’s common for aging adults to live a very relaxed lifestyle after retirement; and though there is nothing wrong with that, it’s important they do that while still staying somewhat physically active. Seniors can put on weight or develop joint issues if they don’t stay in shape which will impact the quality of their life and perhaps the longevity of it. If seniors find themself falling into this pattern, yoga may be the solution that they have been looking for. 

Yoga doesn’t have to be an intense workout like weight training or running, however, it will be enough to keep a senior in shape as long as it is practiced 3-4 times a week.

Yoga Will Teach Mindfulness and Relaxation

Seniors are just as much impacted by stress and anxiety as younger people are. Seniors often worry about where they are going to spend their later years, their health, and the health of their significant other; all of these stressors can be overwhelming and seniors may not know how to cope with these emotions. Yoga could be the answer.

Yoga will teach seniors how to be mindful and will teach them ways to meditate in order to achieve calmness and relaxation of the mind. Yoga is a great way for people, seniors especially, to learn how to accept what they can and can’t control, and what to value in life. 

Seniors Will Get a New Hobby

As people age, they may not be able to do the same things that they used to for fun. Seniors may not be able to get around as much as they used to, or they may be living on a fixed income that plays a part in what they can and can’t do. With that being said, it’s common that seniors get bored in their later years as they need a new hobby.

Yoga is a fantastic hobby for seniors to take up as it will benefit their mind and body, while also giving them a way to meet people and get out of the house. Likewise, yoga will give seniors something to look forward to and get excited about.

Begin Your Yoga Journey Today

If you are a senior and are looking for something new to try, consider taking up yoga. You can take up yoga alone, or you can do it with friends and family; no matter what you decide, you won’t be disappointed. Begin your yoga journey today. 

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