2021 Valentine’s Day Gift List

Updated on January 28, 2023

By Christopher Cussat

Senior Outlook Today would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Because Valentine’s Day is just about here, to help prepare you to find the perfect gift for that special someone, we’ve assembled our annual Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. We would also like to extend a special thank you to those who sent in gift ideas and suggestions.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we present our unique gift ideas below:

Lemonade Pursuits


Get ready to immerse yourself in the creative artwork of Eric Dowdle with his innovative puzzles! From whimsical landscapes to detailed cityscapes, enjoy these USA Made playful options piece by piece! Choose from wooden puzzles to traditional jigsaws that include a frame and more!
Highlights include:

• Each puzzle features story-telling art 

• Original pieces painted by Eric Dowdle in puzzle form

• Premium Packaging – great for collectible products, putting on bookshelf, using as decor and more! 

•  Made in the USA

• Celebrate your favorite destination with artwork of cities from around the world! 

• No Missing Pieces Policy guarantee or a replacement provided.

• Re-closable collectors box includes extra zip-lock baggie for storage.

• Different style to choose from including:

Picture Perfect Puzzles – Includes Frame and Easel!
Just as you finally completed your jigsaw masterpiece, do you really have the heart to break it down and put it away? Dowdle offers a solution: include a frame to display it! Find your favorite 60 or 100 piece count design from the Picture Perfect Collection and receive a Perfect-fit Frame and easel with it! $24.99
Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles – Find Your Favorite City! 
Bring it on home with traditional jigsaw featuring towns from A-Z!  Envision your toes in the sand  as you assemble a San Diego seaside creation or take it to the mountains of Colorado – so many gorgeous destinations to choose from! $29.99
Wooden Puzzles – Both Classic and Vintage!
Take the cool factor up a notch with a Wooden option with Classic and Vintage to choose from!  Enjoy a high quality giclée print that is mounted on wood with several options to choose from including a classic Dowdle box or a keepsake wood box; existing die-cut or a specialized unique die-cut; you can even be painted into a Dowdle painting! $59.99 – $500

Discover the world through the eyes of renowned folk artist Eric Dowdle, known for his gift of capturing the character and traditions of each place he visits. Experience the personality and charm of these historic and scenic places with one-of-a-kind puzzles!

Learn more on https://dowdlefolkart.com/

And available on Amazon!

Buddha Board

Buddha Board brings peace of mind with a creative way to take a break! Great for both kids and adults, Buddha Board is focused on spreading kindness! Taking a Zen break, get creative, free your mind, then watch as the artwork fades away!

Spread Kindness with Buddha Board

What the world needs now is kindness, and it’s something we all can give–starting with ourselves.

Learn to be kind to yourself and watch the effects flow through you and beyond into the world with the help of Buddha Board. 

The Buddha Board is a screen-free, simple-by-design mindfulness tool created to help you feel more grounded and present in your life. When we feel more connected with our own thoughts and feelings it’s easier to bring that clarity with us into the world. And a lighter heart makes it even easier to share that joy with others! And it’s also just a lot of fun to use!

Buddha Board Highlights:

·         Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic

·         Reusable

·         Quick to set up

·         Creating is truly MESS FREE

·         No ink, paint, or chemicals

·         Encourages mindfulness

·         Doesn’t add to your digital footprint

·         Taps into your creative side

·         Fun for all ages

·         Helps kids explore the creative process judgement free

·         Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

So pick up a brush and create away your stresses to a happier and more giving heart!


$34.95 for the Original Buddha Board

$24.95 for the Enso

$14.95 for the Mini Buddha Board

Available at buddhaboard.com and Amazon!

Park Perfection

Park Perfection is a family owned and operated skincare brand created by a dermatologist of 30+ years, Dr. Alan J. Parks. 

  • Dr. Parks used his medical knowledge and rich experience in helping patients  discover better, healthier skin to create a brand that provides scientifically proven formulas that deliver effective results.
  • Park Perfection was founded on the premise addressing the unmet needs of his patients & customers. 
  • The brand provides scientifically developed formulas that are robust and encourage skin health. 

The brand’s signature product, 2 in 1 Instant Eyelift, works WITHIN MINUTES on firming and lifting instantly while providing nutrients for skin health and hydration.


Using peptides, essential minerals, and antioxidants, Park Perfection 2 in 1 Instant Eyelift, delivers tightening and lifting effect without drying or damaging your skin!

It also significantly lessens puffiness and helps reverse the telltale signs of aging!!!

Website: https://parkperfection.com


Introducing maskSAFE: Where do you put your face mask when you are afforded a break from wearing it?   Do you leave it on the front seat of your car? Throw it on top of your purse? Shove it in your pocket? Leave it on the table at a restaurant? Where do kids put their masks while they are eating lunch at school or participating in sports practice?  MaskSAFE is the solution.  MaskSAFE reusable cases secure and protect your mask, keeping it clean and free of cross-contamination.  We all wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Maintaining a clean face mask is essential. Both the maskSAFE Wallet and maskSAFE Pocket cases are lightweight, sustainable, durable, and water-resistant and are easy to sanitize inside and out. In addition to protecting your face mask, maskSAFE also prolongs the life of your mask—both disposable and reusable masks.  With 130 billion masks disposed of every month, maskSAFE reduces waste and environmental harm through protecting and preserving your mask.   ImageImageImageImage

Schools Adopting maskSAFE: With many children still participating in in-person learning, it is more important than ever to have a safe and clean place for them to store their mask when it’s not in use. Rather than placing their mask on the lunch table or on the grass next to their backpack during sports practice, masks can be safely stored with maskSAFE. Many schools have already adopted maskSAFE as part of their everyday routine. Easy to cleanCompatible with most mask styles Protects your mask from cross-contamination from other people and surfaces such as tables and the ground Keeps your mask clean between usesEasy to use for all ages Offered in two styles—maskSAFE Wallet and maskSAFE Pocket, and in three colors for each style—vivid navy blue, raven black, and marbled white   The maskSAFE Wallet style comes with an adjustable wristlet and clip. Perfect for kids to attach to their backpacks! The maskSAFE Pocket style is conveniently sized to fit in your small bag or pocket.   Customizable with logos for companies, schools, and organizationsVisit the maskSAFE website: https://getmasksafe.org/ImageImage 


Thimble—Tech-related gifts are a great option for kids this holiday season. This very cool idea is to help kids learn through STEM and engineering. Introducing Thimble, a subscription-based curriculum and live video platform that teaches kids electronics and computer science through weekly camps taught by experienced technology teachers. Hands-on materials are shipped to subscribers every 3 months and it is a very affordable way to keep kids interested in technology.

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Skyroam—Great tech gift for anyone looking to stay connected. Whether they are working remotely, traveling or just want to be sure everyone is able to have a strong WiFi connection – Skyroam is a great idea. Solis X is a cool tech tool aimed at helping keep everyone connected! Skyroam can help boost connection, no matter where you are. The Skyroam Solis X is an international Wi-Fi hotspot with solid LTE speeds and a battery that can easily get you through a busy day. Available online at Skyroam.com and other retailers.  

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Seeking the perfect year round gift for friends and family?  During these challenging and incredible times of trying to stay healthy, the upcoming Valentine’s Day will no doubt look much different this year for everyone – where the sole purpose is to show the people you love that you want them to keep healthy, thrive and continue to stay well.  Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Shannon Jackson, a RN, also recognized as ‘The People’s Nurse’ and ‘Covid Era Life Coach,’ has revealed her new signature LYLWL Wellness Box.

Jackson, who is also the proud host of the popular inspirational podcast, LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS, through her mission-driven foundation of the same name, was amid the chaos of working the frontlines of the pandemic during a two-month ‘tour of duty’ at the epicenter helping New York’s Covid-19 struck hospital wards where she witnessed first-hand the effect on people from all walks of life and largely how the outbreak has challenged their mental wellness.

Her professional and natural response was to put together her new LYLWL Wellness Box, serving as a specialty health-and-wellness support kit to share with your loved ones who wish to keep their wellness in check.  Recently, Jackson was featured on the Black News Channel where she further discussed the value of her Wellness Box for staying healthy.


With a unique combined background as a Certified Life Coach and a Registered Nurse, Jackson understands how intrinsic staying healthy is to a good quality of life, further adding:  “Staying healthy is a foundational necessity for living your best life possible, without limits. You must be armed with physical well-being to overcome challenges, both emotional and physical in nature.  The Valentine’s Wellness Box is full of important items, hand-picked and curated by me, to deliver the optimum essentials of what people need to monitor their wellness.” 

The beautifully packaged floral patterned LYLWL Wellness Box is filled with items all individuals need to keep their health as a central-focus on a daily basis.  For $49.97, customers benefit from this value-packed Valentine’s gift that is ideal for themselves or their family and friends.  This special Valentine’s gift contains Jackson’s carefully sourced tools ideal for today’s health-focused climate, including: 

  • Meditation Music – The ideal emotional fix, this meditation music is selected to encourage positive love, calm the mood, inspire positive feelings, and is a perfect accompaniment to a luxurious bath with a loved one.
  • Scented Candle – Take a time-out for self-love to achieve mental clarity and allow the dancing flame and soothing fragrance of this candle to calm one’s thoughts, re-center, and re-focus.
  • A First Aid Kit – The ideal kit to help treat minor scrapes, cuts, and burns with all the necessities for this process.  
  • Thermometer – Keep tabs on body temperature with this handy thermometer, which can signal many changes in one’s health. 
  • Keep the Heart Beat Up | Blood Pressure Wristband and Magnet – Keep blood pressure levels in check with this convenient blood pressure wristband and companion magnet as daily reminders in case one feels especially stressed or winded. 
  • LYLWL Wellness Journal and Ink Pen – Another Jackson inspired product, her LYLWL Wellness Journal is a mini self-help workshop in journal form helping to support and recognize self-awareness, gratitude for special moments, and staying on track for reaching personal goals.

Jackson’s LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS foundation is all about helping people to achieve self-rewarding goals in their professional and personal lives, from relationships to careers.

Through Jackson’s weekly podcast, life-coaching skills, numerous hosted speaking appearances, and naturally inspiring energy, she has helped thousands of individuals to find clarity and reach their own levels of mastery in life.  The LYLWL Wellness Box is another way for Jackson to extend her feel-good help into the lives of people who need her, as now further offering the opportunity to give the true gift of wellness love for Valentine’s Day.  Know anyone who could use some wellness love ‘me time’?  The LYLWL Wellness Box is available for purchase at LivingYourLifeWithoutLimits.com/Wellness-Box

For more information, visit Jackson’s website, LivingYourLifeWithoutLimits.com, that serves as a hub for her podcast announcements, guidance for forward-thinking individuals, and a go-to place for valuable free resources.



Looking for the ultimate galentines gift for the wellness wonder woman, beauty bestie or health guru in your life? New Chapter, the natural vitamin pioneer that introduced the power of fermented nutrients in 1986, has joined forces with S’well, a design company for good, best known for creating the first, reusable fashion hydration accessory. These two power houses have come together to bring you the perfect Essential Wellness Kit.

What’s inside the kit: 

●       S’well x New Chapter Vitamin Case – This is not your grandma’s vitamin case- stainless steel, reusable and includes a seven-day divider insert to hold up to eight vitamins per day and a lid that acts as a tray for added ease. It comes in three, best-selling S’well styles — Teakwood, Blonde Wood and Purple Garnet.

●       New Chapter foundations: New Chapter’s One Daily Multivitamin, adaptogenic based One Daily Multiherbal of your choice and their USDA Organic fruit based, immune boosting, Elderberry Gummy – this is the ultimate foundation of wellness.(vitamin + benefit specific herbal + immune gummy = MAGIC)

Can be purchased on NewChapter.com for a limited time.


Mikey’s Buffalo-Style Chicken Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Pockets 

Are The  Perfect Gluten-Free Game Day Delight!

Buffalo-Style Chicken and Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheddar Join Mikey’s Hand-Held Line

Mikeys, the pioneer in gluten-free, dairy-free handheld meals and snacks, has come out with two new flavors of pockets: Buffalo-Style Chicken and Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheddar.  These new handheld pockets make the prefect clean label snack for The Big Game.  These pockets are joining the full line of Mikey’s Pockets, making Mikey’s the market leader in meeting the needs of allergen-friendly, clean label, better-for-you consumers with meal solutions for every eating occasion.

Created by Michael Tierney, a classically trained chef, Mikey’s pockets meet the high standards required to deliver on taste without compromising on ingredients or nutrition.  The two new varieties join Mikey’s popular Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Pockets to give consumers a variety of tastes for lunch, dinner, and in-between snacking, while Egg & Cheese and Egg, Ham & Cheese pockets provide a delicious, convenient breakfast option. All Mikey’s Pockets provide great taste in convenient, frozen, hand-held meals, use recognizable ingredients, and are free from six of the top allergens. 

Mikey’s Pockets are sold in packs of two at a suggested retail price of $5.99 and can be found at Sprouts Farmers Market and other leading retailers – 7,000 natural, club, and grocery stores across the U.S., as well as being sold directly from EatMikeys.com. In addition to pockets, Mikey’s makes great-tasting, allergen-friendly frozen baked goods, including English Muffins, tortillas, and pizza crusts


Albaad created Cleanitize to ensure consumers have access to a wipe that can disinfect and protect against the novel coronavirus, and to support the public with solutions as travel begins to accelerate, and as families, communities, and businesses become more active. Please see the details on how Cleanitize can support the public’s wellness and happiness for our households, businesses and health care workers.

EPA Approves Albaad Cleanitize™ Innovation to Kill the Virus that Causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2

Agency Validates Cleanitize Wipe Effectiveness Against SARS-CoV-2

Albaad Massuot Yitzhak Ltd. (TASE: ALBA) a leading global manufacturer of wipes and personal care products, announced today U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved SARS-CoV-2 Claims for its Cleanitize™ Disinfecting wipes.

Albaad created Cleanitize, using its proprietary spunlace fabric and innovative liquid formula manufactured in-house. Consumers now have access to a wipe that kills the virus that causes COVID-19. This product will help meet the ongoing demand of families, communities, schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities.

Cleanitize was developed with a focus on innovation to deliver the following consumer benefits:

Kills 99.9% of the virus that causes COVID-19* (SARS-CoV-2), when used as directed on hard, non-porous surfaces – as tested by a third-party laboratory and approved for EPA’s List N.

Disinfects and Cleans – for the ultimate cleaning experience, is bleach free with no chemical smell. Leaves a fresh, clean scent.

Easy to Use – The thick, quality fabric tackles even the toughest jobs with ease and provides the user a trusting confidence of a job well done. 

EPA Approved

List N products are registered by the EPA and meet the Agency’s criteria for use against the virus* that causes COVID-19 (*SARS-CoV-2) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Before products can legally make claims that they can kill a particular pathogen such as SARS-CoV-2, the claim must be authorized by the EPA based on a rigorous testing process and stringent review of data. Cleanitze can be found HERE on the List N, EPA approved products, (Cleanitize EPA Reg No. 75459-1).

Clean Design Wellness for Your Lifestyle

For the past 20 years, Robin Wilson has been on an unsung journey, that of a black business woman breaking barriers despite systemic racism that excluded her from obtaining financing as she was one of the pioneers of eco-friendly design movement. From 2009-2018, she became the first woman to have a custom cabinetry line sold at 400 dealers nationwide, but she still could not get VC or seed capital, even though the line generated over $82 million wholesale in licensed brand revenue – with over a quarter billion dollars in retail sales.

Robin Wilson has written two books and is considered an expert on CLEAN DESIGN which is a protocol to create a wellness and health focused living environment. Her most recent book provides simple tips for each room of a house or apartment.

Robin’s four principles of design are sustainability, reusable, recycle, and nontoxic. She knows that “eco-friendly” can be beautiful. Her focus is on hypoallergenic and wellness lifestyles. She is an Ambassador to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and is a former Board member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Clean Design Wellness for Your Lifestyle (2015, Greenleaf)

For More Info:  Robin Wilson Home

PET NATION: The Love Affair That Changed America

PET NATION: The Love Affair That Changed America ($27, Avery, September 2020) shares the inside scoop as to how America became a nation of adoring pet owners with dogs and cats everywhere. Since 1998 the pet population in the U.S. has almost doubled—over two-thirds of the country now own a pet. No longer left to wander the neighborhood, dogs and cats eat “gourmet” food, get individualized medical attention, show up in public and at work, and even fly in the cabin. Many owners now consider pets family members. It wasn’t always this way. How did we get here?A picture containing text, book, cat, sitting

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“Dogs and cats are as ubiquitous in social media as our children. The move of our pets from the backyard into our hearts is perhaps the biggest change affecting the modern family. Mark Cushing offers an eye-opening and well-researched account, showing how we’re all the better for it.”—Frans de Waal, author of Mama’s Last Hug – Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us About Ourselves 

Pet Nation shows us a country transformed by the love of dogs and cats—and in one case, a crab-eating raccoon.  Written with a storyteller’s exuberance and a researcher’s care, Mark Cushing takes a deep dive into the loving and complex relationship between animals and their humans. Urgent, generous, and wise.”—Jennifer Finney Boylan author of Good Boy and She’s Not There

Website | + posts

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