What To Know About Getting Into Model Trains

Updated on June 9, 2022
What To Know About Getting Into Model Trains

No matter your age, you can enjoy the exciting world of model trains. Creating your world and railway systems is a great way to stay active, focus, and express your creative spirit. There are a few things to know about getting into model trains but understand that the only limit is your imagination.

Consider the Scale

One of the first things that may seem overwhelming about model railroads is all the different scale options. The model train scale refers to the ratio of the model in comparison to the actual train. Typically, when putting together your model railways, you want to keep your sizes consistent so that everything flows together better. Some of the most popular scales are the O scale (1:148) and the N scale (1:160). It’s a good idea to consider the scale to best fit wherever you plan on building your new world so that you have room to expand. You don’t want to get models that are too big for your space.

Don’t Rush Things

Something to know about getting into model trains is that it’s a laborious process. Building a fully functional model train world takes time. If you aim to throw together your train set in an afternoon and call it done, this may not be your hobby. You can start with a loop of track and a single train that goes through a tunnel. But adding stations, scenery, and additional trains feels more rewarding when you put in the time.

Invest in a Digital Command Control

It’s your model train, and you want to feel like you’re in control rather than an automated affair. A digital command control (DCC) is a control panel you hook up to give yourself complete control of multiple trains at once. Many models come with a direct current for basic starting and stopping, which is fine when you’re starting. However, when you expand your railway, you may want something to increase your level of simultaneous control.

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