Tips for Making Your Yard Look Nice

Updated on December 30, 2020
Tips for Making Your Yard Look Nice

Keeping up a beautiful yard can be tedious work, but the finished product is worth it. By implementing some key tips for making your yard look nice, you’ll find you and your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood. Indeed, work will take a lot of tender love and care, but once you’ve set your plot up for success, maintenance should be fun and somewhat simple.  

Plant and Maintain

To have a beautiful yard, you’re going to need to start removing weeds, debris, and any other unwanted foliage. If it’s not a desired plant or flower and doesn’t contribute to the aesthetics, it’s got to go. Plant and weed removal is time consuming. Break the work and your yard up into sections so that it doesn’t feel like such a hefty job.

Once you’ve removed all unwanted growth, you may decide what you want to plant. You may choose from already budded plants that you find at a nursery or cultivate from seed. Your choice will depend on the time of year. If you’re planting in the spring, you may have the time to grow flowers and plants from seeds. If it happens to be later in the year, consider half-grown plants and shrubbery.

Consult seed packaging, online flower instructions, or nursery workers to determine which plants work best in the areas you want to plant based on sun and water exposure, time of year, climate, and more. Be sure to turn over your soil when planting and add grass seed in bare spots of the yard.


After you’ve removed and planted, you may want to add decoration to your yard. This will depend solely on personal taste. In some living areas with an association, there may be rules and guidelines you must follow. You want to choose décor that contributes to the overall visual appeal of the yard. Perhaps add mulch, a birdbath, or a small windmill.

You may also want to add stones, a walkway, or outside lighting. Proper outdoor lighting solutions can enhance the look of a lawn and promote safety by allowing you and guests to see and keep trespassers in view. You will also want to turn your attention to water draining patterns.

Proper Drainage

If your yard doesn’t have proper drainage, issues will occur. Pay attention to water gathering in certain areas. Collected stormwater that fails to dissipate at a proper pace can cause erosion of your lawn, creating bald spots, the drowning and death of plants, and puddles and flooding in places there shouldn’t be. Improper drainage affects not only your yard but also the freshwater supply in your town. If you see any indication that there is a problem in your yard, have a drainage professional assess it.

Many aspects go into creating and caring for a beautiful lawn. It’s more work than people think. The great thing is there are many benefits to spending your time outside caring for the lawn. Considering these tips for making your yard look nice will surely bring a smile to your face as well as your neighbors and peers.