Stylish Accessories That Help Seniors

Updated on November 25, 2021
Stylish Accessories That Help Seniors

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your spouse, your friend, or a new treat for yourself, consider some of these stylish accessories that help seniors with everyday tasks.

Magnifying Glass on a Necklace Chain

More convenient than changing from regular to reading glasses, a magnifying glass that hangs from a lovely necklace chain complements a senior woman’s sweater, or can hang from a watch fob holder on a gentleman’s vest. An easy way to keep reading assistance at hand, these items add flair to any outfit in addition to being useful.

Colorful Cane

Those who need a little support for mobility or balance will appreciate a colorful cane. Canes now come in all kinds of colors and patterns. They should be carefully measured, so read up on how to choose the right kind of cane for you or your gift recipient. Considerations are length, handle type, base type, and whether the cane is adjustable or foldable.

Cordless Electric Kettle

Spruce up your kitchen while protecting against forgetting a kettle on the stove. The Mueller cordless electric kettle looks great and features auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. It’s BPA free, with an elegantly curving, non-slip handle.

Fashionable Medical Alert Pendant

The makers of several medical alert systems have begun to pay more attention to fashion. These wearable pendants or wristbands communicate alerts in case of falls or wandering. Styles for men and women are available from brands like MobileHelp, LifeFone, and Medical Guardian to make wearing the device more fashionable and therefore tolerable. Check on their range (distance from a base station) or if they use GPS technology to communicate location.

Bluetooth TV Headphones

Bluetooth technology now enables wireless headphones to pick up signals from Bluetooth enabled devices like phones, and some televisions. If you or your friend doesn’t have a Bluetooth enabled TV, you can get a Bluetooth audio transmitter to plug into the TV’s audio output to pair with Bluetooth headphones. No more deafening volume on the TV, and the audio will be clearer and crisper through the headphones than through the air. The designs are sleek and attractive, and store away easily in the shelves of the TV stand. Most will pair with a cellphone too, so calls won’t be missed when the TV is on.

These stylish items that help seniors will make great gifts for yourself, a friend, or a spouse who needs a little discrete help with everyday living.