How To Figure Out What HDMI Cord Is Best for Your TV

Updated on November 3, 2021
How To Figure Out What HDMI Cord Is Best for Your TV

The invention of high-definition television is a lot different than the days of watching your favorite program in black and white. Understanding the full capabilities of your TV can be confusing, especially when it comes to HDMI cords. Answering these three questions on how to figure out what HDMI cord is best for your TV will have your audio and visual crystal clear.

Does My TV Require a Special HDMI Cord?

Your television has its DNA, meaning it has specific requirements for the cord you select. Unfortunately, it’s not a one-size-fits-all method, making it confusing for anyone needing a new cable, especially when it comes to more technologically advanced televisions. For example, it’s likely your HDMI cord for your older 1080P set won’t work with the new 4K TVs.

The standard HDMI cord is 10.2 Gbps and works up to 1080P. High-speed cables go up to 18Gbps and emit a 4K quality picture if your TV allows that. Lastly, an ultra-high-speed version goes up to 48 Gbps, handling any picture resolution. In summary, you don’t need to spend the extra coin on an ultra-high-speed cord if your set only reaches 1080P. If you are unsure of the resolution, you can find it through the TV’s menu, manual, or research your model online for the answer.

How Long Should My HDMI Cord Be?

Now that you understand what speed you need for your cable, your next decision involves the length of your cord. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want the distance to be as short as possible to maximize the quality of your audio and video. While you can’t actually see what’s traveling through the cables, the longer the path that the signal takes, the worse the quality becomes. If you need a cord for your television, an active line does the trick up to 12 feet. Unless you want to run the cable throughout the home, there’s no need for an extra-long cord.

Does the Brand of My HDMI Cord Matter?

You now have the best speed and length cable for your television, so deciding on the brand is the final step. Does the brand matter for your HDMI cables? In short, no. Most cords do the job as intended. However, the advertised speed isn’t always entirely accurate. Therefore, you can study the packaging and read feedback on which cords last the longest to make the best decision.

Hopefully, explaining how to figure out what HDMI cord is best for your TV gives you the information you seek. In conclusion, follow a simple three-step process: find out what your TV can handle, pick the appropriate length, and match those requirements with what cord lasts the longest. Don’t let a sales associate sell you a long, ultra-high-speed cord; you know better.

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