How Current Good Manufacturing Practices Benefit You

Updated on December 12, 2022
How Current Good Manufacturing Practices Benefit You

When you take your prescribed medicine, you put your trust in not only the hands of your physician but also the medication’s manufacturer. After all, you don’t want to swallow something that won’t help you feel better. But that is exactly how current good manufacturing practices benefit you.

Safe Medications

You might be wondering what current good manufacturing practices are. These practices are Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requirements that ensure medications are safe and effective for use. This is very good for you as a consumer who likely takes prescription drugs regularly.

Because of these rules, the manufacturer had to follow standards to ensure your medication passed tests, had the correct label, and was safe for you to use. Otherwise, if you were to take a toxic or unsafe drug, you could suffer worsened health or even death. Instead, thanks to these regulations, you can have more peace of mind whenever you swallow a medication.

Effective Ingredients

Another way that current good manufacturing practices benefit you is by ensuring manufacturers produce effective drugs that fight against your specific maladies. If your prescribed drug had not passed any quality or strength tests, it would run the chance of not treating your illness correctly and making you worse instead of better. This could prolong your suffering and waste your precious time and money.

Continuous Detection

Current good manufacturing practices can also protect people even after a company unsafely produces a drug and releases it to the public. If the US Food and Drug Administration inspects a facility and finds that a manufacturer is not complying with the rules, it will consider the drug adulterated. However, the administration advises that patients consult with their physicians before stopping their use of the prescription.

As you enter your golden years, you want to ensure you stay well enough to enjoy them. The current good manufacturing practices help you do that so you can take your medication, stay worry-free, and focus on life.