Home Putting Green Installation Tips

Updated on November 10, 2022

Golf is a great activity to play when you want to relax, be outside, and focus on your game. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many golf courses and clubs to close to reduce exposing members to the virus. To still practice your golf game at home, you can install a home putting green. Here are some of the best home putting green installation tips to help you create a piece of the course in your own backyard. There are so many benefits of artificial putting greens; this feature will transform your game. Do it yourself or hire a professional and then start practicing.

Pick the Right Spot

The first step to creating a home putting green is to pick the right location. Do your research on other home golf greens, but a good location is in your backyard. Spacious yards are the perfect option because you can install a putting green and keep your flowerbeds, pool, and other lawn pieces without sacrificing their integrity. It’s important to pick a spot with good drainage that won’t affect your home or other structures. Make a rough sketch blueprint of your plans and get to work.

Remove the Sod

Next, you can remove the sod. Be sure to spray the outline of the putting green on your yard and remove the sod within that space. You can use a sod cutter to remove this grass or hire a professional to do it. Remember to rake up any clippings or debris to ensure a smooth playing surface. You should also weed the area, spray weed killer, and install a layer of landscape fabric to ensure no extra weeds or plants grow.

Put Cups in Place

Then, you should decide where the cups will go. Dig small trenches that lead to the cups to further drain out rainwater. Also, mark the locations of where the cups will go to help find them later. You can add a base layer of crushed rock for the putting green. This will moisten the rocks and then compact it down with a plate compactor. Make holes for the rocks in this base layer for the cups, too. Next, fill in the base layer with sand to keep everything solid and secure.

Install the Artificial Golf Green

Finally, it’s time to install artificial golf greens. A good home putting green installation tip is to have a professional install it, as it’s crucial that it’s installed correctly. Professional installers ensure the turf is secure and a border prohibits any crossover from the putting green with the rest of the yard. Once this is set, then you’re ready to practice your shot. One of the nice parts of golf greens is that it’s easy to maintain. Simply rake or sweep any debris that collects and hose off any dirt or messes that occur.

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