2018 Holiday Gift Guide—Fashion & Accessories


Sevenly, the fashionable, cause-activation platform and marketplace, features items that donate money and/or supplies to incredibly heroic organizations around the world. Not only are they extremely charitable – the products are trendy and comfortable to wearable, too!

Tech Wellness Collection: Proceeds from this Collection benefit Sit with Us, a non-profit app that uses technology to facilitate in-person conversations in our schools, promoting inclusion, fighting bullying, and empowering young voices.

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Women’s Achievement: Each purchase provides funding toward ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Awards through ATHENA.

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Autism Community: Each purchase provides funding toward advancement resources through Autism Society.

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Sevenly Foundation: Your purchase from this collection outfit world changers like you for free through the Sevenly Foundation.

Tenth Street Hats

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Watching the decades and their cultural and sartorial changes swirl by, Tenth Street Hatshas grown accustomed to making hats that blend vintage feel with modern sensibilities. Though its team has grown over the years, it remains a family-run organization. The company’s closely knit family is part of the reason Tenth Street Hats has been able to maintain relationships with expert craftsmen and cutting-edge designers to bring you quality products time and again.

In its factories, Tenth Street Hats still use rare hat-making machines that are nearly one-of-a-kind. It’s those types of special touches, as well as strong relationships with suppliers and creatives that have made Tenth Street a unique experience. The company’s mission from day one was to build a headwear business with a strong commitment to customers. Every new style, each different type of fabric Tenth Street Hats uses is part of its plan to ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for.

At Tenth Street you know the product you buy is sourced from the highest quality materials from around the globe and brought together by some of the industry’s foremost experts. Tenth Street Hatsoffers you the utmost quality and customer service!


4ocean, a company that is responsible for cleaning our oceans and waterways of plastic and trash, has already removed 2.2 million pounds of trash from the oceans. They fund their efforts by the sale of 4ocean bracelets, resusable water bottles and cleanup kits. One $20 bracelet funds pulling one pound of trash. www.4ocean.com

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Hats are a go-to accessory for both men and women. Not only are they stylish, but they can keep the sun out of your eyes in warmer months and your head toasty during colder months. However, keeping the inside of hats as fresh as they were day one can be difficult, especially when dealing with the side effects of sweating. NoSweat thin, disposable liners stick to the inside of any hat to instantly absorb sweat and prevent odors, stains and acne. The liners are performance, safety and hygiene based and each one can last up to two weeks. 

Peace Frogs is more than just a brand, they are a community and a movement to get outside, enjoying nature,  preserving the environment and giving back. And Peace Frogs is not jumping on they “feel good” bandwagon. They have been around for over 30 years with a long track record of giving back to charitable causes, the environment and their community, while creating eco-friendly clothing, t-shirts and gear to make people smile, inspire and show their peaceful froggie love. 

They have environmental friendly and adventure gear for all ages, loungewear, hats, totes and nylon backpacks, as well as cool gear like jewelry, temporary tattoos and puzzles and playing cards and so much more! 

And with the Holidays coming up, they are a great option for anyone on your gift list who loves the outdoors, has a little retro vibe, embraces positive messaging or just giving back.

They even have great gifts for teachers, althletes, sports fans, fishermen, those who serve in the military, nurses and so much more! 

Did we mention, they also carry a line called Peace Dogs for all those dog (and cat) lovers on your list! 

Peace Frogs has also launched their #spreadthepeace campaign! 

Today, in America, the country stands more divided than ever before, with constant fighting, name calling and general unrest, with social media and the news not doing anything to slow down the chaos. The Spread the Peace Campaign is a way for Peace Frogs to motivate people to be kind to one another and stop the hate, fighting and lack of tolerance. Peace Frogs wants to bring a sense of calm, peace and community back to a tense country that has forgotten how to love thy neighbor. 

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Peace Frogs is also targeting a new generation of peace makers. Founded on the principles of love, peace and freedom, like our hippie forefathers, Peace Frogs also encourages all to live to the fullest, enjoy the planet we live on and give back, even in any way possible.

With the NEW Peace Frogs #spreadthepeace stickers, they are encourage people to pay it forward and share a sticker…and a smile…reminding people that even the smallest act of kindness makes the world a better place. 

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For more information on the campaign or to purchase #spreadthepeace stickers, please visit: http://www.peacefrogs.com/product/SpeadThePeaceStickers/stickers 

Peace Frogs is available online, in their Peace Frogs stores or in a specialty retailer near you. 

For more information, or to find a location near you, please visit: www.peacefrogs.com

With all that is going on in the world today, who couldn’t use a little more PEACE. ? 

To see all of the Peace Frogs line: please visit: www.peacefrogs.com

The Frog wants you to Celebrate Life, and outfit the whole family in positively peaceful style!

Statement Peace designs, creates and hand produces all of their “pieces of peace” in their South West Florida studio. 

Our love for wood is our epicenter and we invite you on our journey. Statement Peace is a HIGH vibration wooden jewelry line that is made from peace and love. From the seed that first lays its roots in the ground and sprouts to see the sun for the first time, each tree has a journey that begins. Each tree has a past, a present, and a future.  

We consider each piece of jewelry to be a work of art that offers the kind of uniqueness the world has been seeking. We convey this by including a custom designed wooden display stand with each piece purchased. Statement Peace is who we are. Admire it, wear it is our brand motto. Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, the sentiment will always remain.

We at Statement Peace believe when you operate out of peace and love it is felt by all. We also believe that energy is transferrable. With every piece of peace we create we transfer our passion, high vibrations and good juju with the intention that you feel our vibes. Gravitate. Vibe. Repeat.

Our goal is to inspire a person to wear something that is unique, exciting and what is truly, a Statement Peace.

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And Statement Peace gives back as well. They have partnered with One Tree Planted. For every piece of Statement Peace jewelry sold, we will plant one tree.

Statement Peace has a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for MEN & WOMEN. From your yoga lover to your outdoor enthusiast…From your inspirational friend to your surfer buddy…Statement Peace has a gift for everyone on your list. 

 Necklaces: https://www.wearstatementpeace.com/product-category/necklaces/ 

Bracelets: https://www.wearstatementpeace.com/product-category/bracelets/ 

Earrings: https://www.wearstatementpeace.com/product-category/earrings/ 

Rings: https://www.wearstatementpeace.com/product-category/rings/ 

Statement Peace also features their the Essence Collection…aromatherapy necklace diffusers…

A great gift for a friend, sister, teacher, yoga enthusiast, secret Santa, or anyone on your list who would love a little aromatherapy and a beautiful piece of hand-crafted jewelry. 


For more information and to see the full line of Statement Peace, please visit: https://www.wearstatementpeace.com/ 

Heat Holders

Heat Holders are the world’s warmest socks. They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. 

 Heat Holders are specially developed with thermal yarn which provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks. Your feet are staying warm and dry all day, not a hot sweaty mess. In other words, they are the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.

 Heat Holders also have scarves, hats, gloves and a family blanket that keep you just as warm and dry. There is something useful and fun for everyone during this holiday season!


It’s a fun and functional fashion accessory that solves a major problem for women of all ages. No more drips and spills on your clothes from coffee, food or make-up with BeBibs! Great gift for the mom, teacher, grandparent and makeup aficionado in your life!

BeBibs is a line of fashionable clothing protection that safeguards clothing from accidental drips and spills throughout the day that the Today Show’s style editor Bobbie Thomas featured as a must-have piece!

  • They’re made of lightweight, machine washable fabric that drapes nicely over clothing and are worn around the neck with an easy slip on and off necklace. 
  • BeBibs are a must-have accessory for working women who eat and drink on-the-go or at their desks, the morning routine of brushing teeth and applying makeup, new mothers, as well as for dancers, pageant contestants and soon-to-be brides. 
  • From pretty floral designs in a variety of colors to funky and fun geometric shapes, inspirational messages, animal prints and an elegant bridal bib with custom embroidery, there are more than two dozen designs that are perfect for any age and style.
  • BeBibs can be purchased together with a combination fabric and necklace from $28-$46, or the fabrics and necklaces can be purchased separately. 

They’re available for purchase online at BeBibs.com.