2018 Holiday Gift Guide—Beauty and Personal Care


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Revaree is a hormone-free, effective, and simple treatment for vaginal dryness. Made of hyaluronic acid, a moisture-binding molecule naturally found in your body, Revaree safely rejuvenates and moisturizes vaginal tissue, providing lasting, hormone-free relief in an easy-to-use, mess-free vaginal insert.

  • Hassle-free, automatic refills. Every 30 days (or at your selected frequency) you will receive your Revaree shipment containing your selected quantity of boxes (10 inserts per box) with free shipping. You will automatically continue to be charged with each shipment.

You can cancel at any time.To avoid your next charge, please cancel at least 5 days before your next scheduled processing date. To cancel, you may log into your account at revaree.com, contact our customer support center at 1-866-REVAREE (1-866-738-2733) or email support@revaree.com with your name, account number, and request to cancel. 


This holiday season, give the gift of soft, supple beautiful skin. For $20 and under, delightful sweets from Bonblissity treat your skin to a luxurious at-home spa experience. From bath bombs to body truffles, Bonblissity has something for everyone. Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you- these miniature treats work dangerously well for both men and women. You’ll want to keep them all to yourself! 

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Treat someone (or yourself) to Bonblissitycandy scrubs, vegan soaps, body truffles, and bath bombs ranging from $4-$20. Each product is infused with a harmonious blend of rich botanical oils and butters that exfoliates, moisturizes, and cleanses skin on the go. 

Lovingly made in Los Angeles, Bonblissity was founded by dental hygienist Elissa Choi and her husband, Jay Choi, in their search for convenient beauty products that didn’t dry out sensitive skin. The resulting signature product, the sweet + single candy scrubs, is now a beauty product must-have for beauty editors and spa managers all around the nation.

Can’t decide between all the delicious scents? For a limited time only, Bonblissity is offering a mix of its best-selling treats in an exclusive “Little Bit of Everything” Gift Box for just $35. Better yet, Free Shipping is available for orders $50 and over. 

All products are available for purchase at www.bonblissity.com.

BIC Soleil Balance Razor

This affordable 2-in-1 razor allows women to skip the hassle of shaving cream with five flexible blades and moisture bars with shea butter for silky smooth closeness. It retails for $5.99 in packs of two at most mass merchandise drug or grocery stores, as well as online (including Amazon). This effortless razor is ideal for college dorm rooms and simplifies anyone’s shave without shaving cream. 

Treets Traditions Gift Sets 

From relaxing body washes and creams to nourishing oils and bath fizzers, Treets Traditions array of Gift Sets are sure to keep everyone happy on your gift giving list this year.  Whether you are already looking for ideas for the Holiday Season or need some ideas for the hard to buy person on their birthday, Treets Traditions different sets are sure to please.

All Gift Sets Below MSRP $25

 Relaxing Chakra’s Gift Set includes the Body Cream, Shower Cream and Foaming Shower Gel with the key ingredients of Rose, Frangipani, Coconut Oil, and Rice Bran Oil.

 Nourishing Spirits Gift Set includes the Miracle Oil, Shower Cream and Foaming Shower Gel with the Key Ingredients of Baobob Oil, Marula, Kalahari Melon, and Shea Butter.

 Healing in Harmony Gift Set includes the Body Cream, Shower Cream and Foaming Shower Gel with the key ingredients of Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Beeswax and Lavendar.

 Energizing Secrets Gift Set includes the Body Cream, Shower Cream and Foaming Shower Gel with the key ingredients of Tamanu Oil, Passion Fruit, Buriti Oil, and Sacha Inchi Oil.

 Revitalizing Ceremonies Gift Set includes Body Lotion, Hair and Body Wash, Foaming Shower Gel with key ingredients of Cranberry, Wild Thyme, Volcanic Minerals and Eucalyptus.

All Bath Fizzers Below MSRP $14

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Bath Fizzers Available in All Scents  are based on the tradition of cleaning and purifying with soda.  Each one containing specific ingredients from the specific line.

Treets Traditions products are free of:

  • SLS and SLES
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Colorants
  • Mineral oil


With more than 107MM people over the age of 50 experiencing the effects of aging through arthritis, MS or Parkinson’s, the simplest daily task  – like cutting your fingernails—becomes one of the most difficult. Enter our start-up client, ClipDifferent, which is launching its first product this month and is the first to market with this type of fingernail cutting solution.

 The founder of MN-based ClipDifferent, Tom McMullen (75 years old) has had an eye for helping people since he was a child – Tom’s younger sister had polio and as an adult, his wife, Trudy, was diagnosed with progressive health issues. Through these relationships, Tom learned that it’s sometimes the simplest tasks – like cutting your fingernails – that are nearly impossible when you have differing abilities; therefore, he was always was on a search to make his sister’s and his wife’s lives easier. Here’s a video that shows more of Tom’s story and the reasons why he invented ClipDifferent.

Smooth Feet beauty by Legendary Apothecary 

LA SmoothFeet lifestyle

Smooth Feet is a simple “Old World” recipe that leaves feet soft, smooth and hydrated.  

Smooth Feet hydrates feet by penetrating truly-natural organic ingredients into your skin and prevents evaporation of water from the surface. Simple ingredients include vegetable glycerin, pure lavender oil and grain alcohol (does not dry out the skin).  Made in the USA, Smooth Feet is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and KIND. Using the success of the brand will help with the KINDness that the founders want to put out in the world. Currently 10 percent of Legendary Apothecary profits are donated to human, animal and environmental efforts. 

Product Specs: Size, 1.0 Fl oz.; MSRP: $35.00 

Legendary Apothecary is a new beauty brand based in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by a century-old family fable, Legendary Apothecary combines the desire to spread KINDness with a deep belief in the power of plant-based ingredients to create skincare products that are pure, organic & cruelty-free. 

To learn more, visit: www.legendaryapothecary.com

Waxing Kara®

The spa experience can be hard to replicate at home, but sometimes you just need a cozy night in. Our Farm to Body® treatments feature natural ingredients that come straight from the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Want to relax in the comfort of your own home and still experience spa-quality relaxation? You’ll want these on your wish list.

Her Cozy Night In: You and your girlfriends deserve a night to yourselves. Unwind, pop open a bottle of wine and luxuriate in your living room-turned-spa. Replenish your skin with the Sea+Tea mask, featuring nothing but all-natural honey, green tea, seaweed and clay. Then drift into tranquility with a cup of Good Night Tea and a dollop (or two) of our artisanal Spring Honey. Everything you need to melt the stress away comes in a beautiful keepsake wooden box.

Serenity Spa Tower: Our Serenity Spa Tower encourages wisdom, peace, strength, clarity and groundedness. Close your eyes and you might just be at a world-class spa, as the Wisdom Soy Candle warms your home with the scent of sage and pomegranate. Draw a warm bath and melt in our Peace Soak, featuring lavender buds we’ve hand-harvested from our farm. Nourish your skin with Strength Body Butter, featuring bold notes of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and citrus. Draw out the impurities from your skin with the rose clay in our Clarity Mask. Finally, wake up your skin and connect with the earth with our Grounded Coffee Scrub. The caffeine is a great post-treatment wake up call and the organic honey crystals, organic sugar and organic sunflower oil give you a glowing complexion.