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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-7-03-07-amNadkins Personal Hygiene Wipes

In the fast-growing personal hygiene market, Manager Inc.’s  Nadkins, the world’s first 100% natural, non-toxic towelette specifically formulated for a man’s most sensitive area, is a product whose time has finally come.

Identifying a need for hygienic personal care wipes especially formulated for male genitalia, Nadkins founder and CEO Joe Caccamo created the ‘male jewels refresher towelettes’ to cleanse, hydrate, soothe and comfort all skin types with a bracing fresh feeling of clean beyond baby wipes.

While baby wipes account for nearly 75% of hygienic care wipes, “baby wipes are for babies, not men,” said Caccamo.   “Baby wipes are paper-based, flimsy and fall apart in your hands; Nadkins are cloth-based and significantly stronger, more generously sized and contain ingredients that dissolve odor-causing bacteria while provide a refreshing tingle that baby wipes don’t provide,” said Caccamo,

Caccamo also adds that not all wipes are created equal: many commercially-made baby wipes contain alcohol, parabens, fragrances, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate, dyes and chlorine treatment that can cause allergies and irritate delicate skin.

Nadkins’ 100% non-toxic formula is made with soothing aloe vera; allantoin (cleans away dead skin); Vitamin E (protects & nourishes); colloidal oatmeal (soothes dry, itchy skin); menthyl lactate (cools & refreshes) and grapefruit essence.

The refresher wipes are sold in an elegant 10-pack “cigarette-style” box and through a refillable gravity box for retailer point-of-sale.  On, a premium box of 10 pocket-sized packettes will sell for $12.50; a subscription option for $11.50 per 10-pack box; and 3-pack (30 packets) for $30.00. The 60-count, point-of-sale gravity box is available to select retailers with suggested retail pricing $1.00 per packet.

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ChapStick 2016 Holiday Collection 

ChapStick® is back with the latest seasonal offerings that will keep lips soft, silky and happy all winter long. This year’s scrumptious Holiday Collection includes the new ChapStick® Sugar Cookie and additional fan favorites, perfect for gifting, stocking-stuffing or simply adding to your own arsenal. But don’t forget, these are only available for a limited time!

  • NEW ChapStick Sugar Cookie – a cheerful indulgence that softens lips with every application. What better way to get in the holiday spirit then swiping this sweet treat across your lips?
  • ChapStick Candy Cane – a fan favorite which refreshes lips with a peppermint flavor that guarantees holiday cheer.
  • ChapStick Pumpkin Pie – sweetens lips with familiar flavors of this spiced holiday dessert!
  • ChapStick Holiday Tinsmake for a stylish stocking stuffer and the perfect holiday favor to house your favorite ChapStick® flavors. With these on-the-go tins, keeping lips soft through the winter and well into the new year will be a breeze!