World’s Gambling Center: How Much Money to Take to Las Vegas

Updated on May 26, 2020

Every year, Las Vegas has a record-breaking number of visitors. According to Statista, 42.52 million people visited Las Vegas in 2019 alone. On average, a visitor spends $827 on a 3.4 days trip to Vegas, travel costs excluded. 

Does this mean that you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars for a couple of days in Las Vegas? The answer is no. It all depends on what you plan to do there, how long you plan to stay, and how you plan to get there. And of course, it all comes down to your budget. 


Nowadays, there are plenty of casino travel & tours options that make visiting this gambling hub an easy endeavour. Many of the casino trip packages include a visit to famous gambling establishments. Once you narrow down the list of choices to your favourite ones on loopx, all you have to do is check with a casino world travel agency or book your individual trip there – and you’re good to go!

Planning Your Gambling Trip to Las Vegas: Things to Consider

Before you hop onto a plane or fuel up your car to get there, you should plan your trip and with it, your budget. The money you’ll spend on your trip to Vegas will depend greatly on how you plan to spend your time there. Before you book your accommodation and tickets, start with a bit of planning. Here are a couple of questions you should answer:

  • What means of transport will you be using to get there (plane or your vehicle)?
  • Where will you stay? Will you go for an affordable accommodation or stay at a fancy hotel? Perhaps you’ll be staying at the Las Vegas casino accommodation?
  • Are you prepared to spend money in expensive restaurants or will you be eating cheap?
  • How do you plan to get around Vegas? Do you know what transport to use to travel between casinos Las Vegas?
  • What are your plans in terms of entertainment?
  • In what casinos do you plan to gamble? Do you aim to go to the top destination casinos in Vegas? If you do, what money you need to play there?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll know what amount of money to take with you. 

With this in mind, we are presenting you with some amazing tips that will help you plan and stay on your budget. 


What amount are you planning to spend gambling on the Las Vegas casino odds? This will determine the biggest portion of your spending, especially since most Vegas visitors go there to gamble. 

If you’re going there for a few days, it might be a good idea to set a daily gambling limit. Going to the gambling hub can be dangerous if you don’t plan your budget ahead. If you keep spending cash from your credit cards or go there with a never-ending cash stream that you cannot afford to spend – you’ll waste a fortune on gambling. 

Of course, if you are a high roller, planning a road trip to casinos will probably require a huge budget. High rollers spend over $500 per day in Vegas, but this amount can be enough for a couple of days there if you mind your budget while gambling. 

How much you can afford to gamble will also determine WHERE you can gamble. If you pick the oldest casino in Vegas that has high deposit requirements, you’ll probably spend more than you’ve planned. Thankfully, the city is now full of casinos that include low deposit options, such as a casino 10 minimum deposit and those that accept deposits of just a few dollars on their slots games.

Naturally, there’s the chance that you’ll go home with great winnings, which is the best option. After all, that’s one of the top reasons why you’ll be going there in the first place. But before it all, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. 


Basically, visitors have two options to choose from – air and land transport. Unless you have your private jet to take you there, you’ll have to book a plane ticket. If you leave nearby, you can also drive there or take the bus, the train, etc. 

Check all your options before you choose your transport. You can save a lot by buying cheap tickets ahead. If a flight to Vegas is costly, you can take your car and get there by driving. 

Naturally, if you plan to take the plane, you need to figure out how you’ll get to the accommodation from the airport when you arrive there. If you travel by car, you need to consider the cost of gas, as well as parking. Parking in hotels on the Strip costs around $15 per day.  


Have you decided on how to travel between casinos in Las Vegas? If you drove there, you’ll probably take your car, but keep in mind that almost all casinos charge parking fees. Or, you can choose public transport which is cheaper and highly rated in Vegas. 


Most people stay at least three days in Vegas. If you’re one of them, you’ll need accommodation. If you got there with a travel agency or as part of a tour, you’ll probably have this arranged for you. If you haven’t, you have to consider accommodation costs in your budget, too. 

Accommodation costs can vary greatly there. For example, staying at the Flamingo or the Excalibur casinos costs around $70 per night, while a night in the popular MGM Grand costs $180.95 per night. 

What’s the average budget to take there?

Statista says that the average expense in Vegas is $827 for 3.4 nights. This means that on average, you should take $243.24 for expenses for a day in Las Vegas. This is just an estimate which you can definitely stray from if you’ve calculated costs such as: travel, gambling budget, shopping, food and dining, tours and attractions, entertainment expenses, etc. 

If you’re on a limited budget and want to save as much as possible, it’s definitely wise to plan ahead. 


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