Wisk Yuck Report Reveals Dirty Laundry Secrets this Holiday Season

Updated on February 6, 2015

image002With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, it won’t be long till gym memberships spike and every treadmill and elliptical is taken. And, did you know that an average person sweats roughly 27.4 oz. to 47.3 oz. per hour of working out? That’s enough to fill up more than one 24 oz. water bottle per hour of exercise. And with top workout trends including high intensity interval training and hot power yoga, walking into the gym is like walking into a sweaty sauna. With all this strenuous activity, sweat can saturate into your gym clothes.

Wisk Deep Clean goes beyond surface stains because it contains MicroCleaners® that penetrate deep inside fabric to seek out and attack hidden dirt, such as trapped body oils and sweat that some other detergents CAN leave behind. *Compared to the leading variant of the top three liquid value brands.

According to the Wisk® Yuck Report’s “Dirty Secrets Revealed:”

Consumers want body soils out of their fabrics, but they are confident that their detergent is doing its job in this area. (Little do they know the truth about the “gunk” THAT CAN BE left behind!) 

  • One month of a family’s  body oils and sweat resulting from workouts and everyday activity can fill up a 600ML jar *Based on approximately 35 loads of dirty laundry. Color/texture added for illustration purposes only.
  • Most consumers have dirty laundry secrets and women are the biggest “offenders.” For example, 1 in 3 women have worn the same bra for several days in a row. 
  • 93% of consumers have odors on at least some of their loads and sweat is the biggest offender.
  • An average load has 20 times more body oils than visible stains
  • Socks and underwear are considered the dirtiest laundry.1 in 3 men have worn the same socks or underwear for several days. (Let’s hope this doesn’t include workout items!)
  • The average adult can sweat up to two gallons a day.

These laundry faux-pas are worse when high intensity workouts are involved and, after all the baked goods and rich casseroles, you know people will be working even harder and sweating even more this holiday season. Wisk Deep Clean makes sure clothes smell fresh and clean, and tackles the stains you can’t see.


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