Winter Weather Driving in Mount Vernon: What Do You Need to Know about Legal Liabilities

Updated on February 19, 2021

Winter weather is a quintessential part of life in Mount Vernon. Though the snowy winters and icicles make a lovely sight to enjoy during the winter months, it brings a whole lot of inconveniences that can pose a significant danger on the roadways in Mount Vernon.

According to statistics, 24% of crashes in the US are caused by snowy, slushy, or icy pavement, and 15% occur during snowfall or sleet. Therefore, with the extreme winters in Mount Vernon, it’s essential to stay vigilant to avoid common winter road mishaps. 

If you or your loved one sustains an injury due to another driver’s negligence on the road during the winters, get in touch with experienced Mount Vernon Personal Injury Lawyers to know your legal liabilities and options.

Here’s what you need to know about the legal liabilities if you have suffered from a winter car crash:

A Driver is Responsible for Safe Driving in a Snow or Ice Storm

Although you cannot hold the severe weather accountable for a car accident in Mount Vernon, there are certain precautionary measures a driver can take to ensure safe driving conditions. Over speeding should be strictly avoided in icy conditions, and the drive should adhere to traffic protocols.

If you get injured on the road due to the opposite party’s negligent activities that lead to accidental icy slips on the road and unavoidable collision, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Mount Vernon.

Peephole Driving

Peephole driving is a common phenomenon in NY. This happens when someone begins driving without cleaning the car’s windshield completely. As inclement winter weather can further obscure visibility, a driver must take the necessary steps to ensure that their vehicle is ready for winter driving.

According to Section 375 of the Vehicle and Traffic law in NY, peephole driving is prohibited. Thus, it can account for a negligible action on the driver’s side and be used as a premise for determining fault or liability. 

Failure to Conduct Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance 

If a car has worn out tires, faulty brakes, malfunctioning windshield wipers, and non-working headlights, it can endanger others on the road. That too, in icy conditions, the driver should ensure that their vehicle is in tip-top shape to behold weather calamities.

Thus, if the driver has failed to safeguard their vehicle and continue operating it on the road, it can count as negligence, and they can be held liable in a personal injury action.

Similarly, if the driver failed to remove ice or snow from the vehicle after a winter storm in a hurry, it can lead to greater risks on the road. The ice can unexpectedly strike you and cause you to veer off the road, thereby leading to damages or accidents. In such cases, you may be able to file a claim for the other party’s negligence. 

Mount Vernon averages a snowfall of 27.7 inches, while the US average stands at 27.8. Hence with extremely unsafe road conditions during snowy and icy conditions, ensure to take the right steps to safeguard your winter ride or commute. 

If you find yourself involved in a winter weather road mishap, contact qualified Mount Vernon Personal Injury lawyers to know your legal options to file a claim and preserve your rights.

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