Winter Tips For Your Home’s Maintenance (Part #1)

Updated on October 10, 2022

Well…it’s been Christmas according to the malls for weeks already…but that nip in the air also verifies the undeniable reality—Winter is blowing in fast! So before it gets too cold outside, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for this season by completing the following Winter maintenance recommendations and checklists for your residence. (Don’t wait for Santa to do these for you…he’s already got enough on his plate!):

General Winter Maintenance Quick Tips / Home Maintenance Winter Checklist:

  • Check, clean, and if necessary, replace furnace air filters each month during the heating season.
  • After consulting your hot water tank owner’s manual—drain off a dishpan full of water from the clean-out valve at the bottom of your hot water tank to control sediment and maintain efficiency.
  • Clean your humidifier two or three times during the winter season.
  • Vacuum your bathrooms’ fan grilles.
  • Vacuum fire and smoke detectors—because dust or spider webs can prevent them from functioning.
  • Vacuum radiator grilles on the back of refrigerators and freezers—and empty and clean drip trays.
  • Check the gauges on all fire extinguishers—recharge or replace them if necessary.
  • Check fire escape routes, door and window locks and related hardware, as well as lighting around the outside of your house.
  • Ensure that your family has good safety and security habits.
  • Monitor your home for excessive moisture levels and take corrective actions. For example, condensation on your windows can cause significant damage over time and pose serious health problems.

Look for Part #2 of our Winter Maintenance Checklist next week right here on our website!

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