Winter Deep Cleaning Checklist

Updated on November 11, 2020
Winter Deep Cleaning Checklist

The cold of winter often drives us back indoors to escape the frigidity. However, it is important to have a clean home to retreat into. With the right planning, you can use this winter deep cleaning checklist to prepare your house or apartment for the coming months.

Dust All Surfaces

Dust is everywhere, but we often do not notice its buildup. When there is a significant amount layered on your dressers, counters, or picture frames, it is time to wipe it up. Dust can actually carry small bacteria and germs, so it is best to keep your home clear of it when winter colds and cases of the flu are running around. Use sweepers with handles to reach down low and up high so you can excise all extra dust in your home.

Change Out Items for Heavier Versions

Though deep cleaning often involves physically scrubbing or cleansing every nook and cranny, you should also prepare your home for winter by changing out various home items with heavier versions. Firstly, you will need thicker coats and sweaters, so be sure to pull out your winter wardrobe. You should also wash and change out your bed sheets for warmer options to keep from shivering in the night. You may have blankets around the house or on the couch, so replace them with warmer ones that you can don anytime. Towels are also important to change out periodically, so go for fluffier fabrics that will keep your body warm as you towel off.

Prepare Your Home’s Exterior

Deep cleaning indoors is an immense task. However, the home cleaning process would not be complete without adequate cleansing of outdoor places. Prepare your home’s exterior by first touching up any paint issues. It is challenging to paint well outside during the winter, so solve that problem ahead of time. Also, tend to your gutters before it is too cold to do so. Clogged gutters cause serious problems that can impact your winter life indoors. Also, check your building’s siding and exterior walls for cracks. Any tears can fill with water and expand when it turns to ice.

As an older adult, you may have mobility limitations that discourage you from cleaning your home. Instead of living in a dusty or cold house, ask for help from those around you or consider calling a professional to complete your winter deep cleaning checklist.

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