Wine Tips to Make Any Party a Happening One

Updated on June 25, 2020

It is a very true fact that every individual has their personal favorite in wine. There are a variety of wines on hand, and it is essential that you stock at least one of every available type in a built in wine cooler to make sure no one goes home unhappy.

The main trick with wine and food is to select a wine which doesn’t overwhelm the taste of food. The two basic varieties of wine available are the “red” and the “white.” There are multiple styles of sparkling, rose and sweet available these days, so you need to be aware which configuration works for you the best.

Our experts have compiled the following list for you so that you never make a mistake while going for different varieties of wine. For more information on wine types and a complete catalog, please visit Sokolin Wines.

Red wine

These are for the individuals who prefer to drink full-bodied, dry wines which ideally shouldn’t be too sweet, tannic, light or even acidic. The only trick here is to go for a wine which won’t overwhelm the taste of your food. You should be going for new world style wines rather than the old world. For e.g., Merlot or Cabernet from the U.S. or Australia are excellent choices.

White wine

Should always be dry and not too acidic or unusual! It is always a great idea to go for popular choices for body texture and aroma. Some of the common and highly recommended types are the Pinot Grigio from Italy and the Chardonnay from California.


This is one additional variety of wine if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary party. You can go for the Prosecco from Italy or the Cava from Spain if you are looking for good quality sparkling wine. These are more enjoyable and economical than a bottle of champagne.

Sweet wine 

Many individuals do not enjoy dry wine, so it is always a good idea to keep a sweet option handy and close by. There are few popular sweet ones, and these include the Moscato from Italy or the Riesling from Germany.


This is the ideal party choice, and the Rose wine is a trendy choice among youngsters. Having a few bottles of rose wine around is a nice touch. You can try one from South France like the Provence which is famous for wines at economical pricing.

How much wine to buy?

The general idea is to quantify the amount of wine with the number of guests. It is not that difficult to make estimations, and in the following section of the article, we have a handy calculation ready for you to make a decision.

The calculation is based on a simple assumption. One standard sized bottle is 750 ml which means there can be ideally 4 glasses of wine. People are expected to drink one glass per hour, and this is mostly dependent on what other drinks are being served and whether or not you are serving along with the food or after the dinner with desserts. Some people may have more than one glass while some won’t even drink wine at all. So it will all even out at the end.

These are some simple tips to follow while buying and serving wine for a party. Make sure you follow these steps to have a great party. And, as always enjoy responsibly. 


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