Why should you choose a stoner for dating?

Updated on February 5, 2020

Relationships are at stake these days. Individual ego, lack of time, mentality mismatch, work pressure, and lifestyle are the leading causes of this. In the majority, one of the partners is not ready to change their mentality, lifestyle, or other behaviors for the sake of the relationship. The result is separation and divorce. 

For a lot of people, smoking, drinking, and taking weeds is a lifestyle. The partners might not like this. Usually, non-smokers or non-drinkers don’t want to date a smoker or drinker. Non-smokers cannot tolerate a weed smoker in most cases. Does that mean a weed smoker will not date? No, this is not the case. There are options for a stoner to date, and the best option is dating another stoner. 

If your partner is not a fellow stoner, he or she might worry about the legal troubles that can happen anytime and anywhere. A non-smoker could even face the constitutional issue if caught with their stoner partner. So, they eventually negatively take the choice of smoking. This, in turn, can rise to simple quarrels.  

Dating stoner is better than a non-smoker. Why? Yes, there are several reasons for that.

In both the cases of stoner dating a stoner or a non-smoker, dating a stoner, there are several advantages.  

  • Stoners usually tend to date a fellow stoner. The reason is that smoking weed together can enhance bonding. Both of them understand each other. On the other hand, a non-smoker can also date a stoner to stay away from the daily drama. Usually, a stoner doesn’t deal with the petty shit of everyday life like coming late at home or not replying to a call, etc.
  • A weed smoker goes to a level where anxiety level is low and less amount of stress. So, a stoner is better to hook with as he or she knows how to chill. This is a plus point that most of the relationships lack these days. The mundane activities also become more colorful and enjoyable with the effect of weed. This ensures there are fewer unnecessary fights and more of togetherness. 
  • One of the most positive aspects of stoners is that they do not depend on society’s approval; instead, they trust their intuition. So, they will not judge you. They are genuine in their behavior, and they give a damn what people are talking about them at their back. This is quite appreciating indeed to lead a peaceful life. 
  • Stoners are more likely to control their associate and take control of their actions by smoking in limits rather than waking up to a miserable hangover the next morning. That means dating a stoner partner ensures a safe ride home always. 
  • As stoners give a damn to society and what people are talking about next to them, they are true to their feelings. When people get high, they become real and genuine in a world where everything else is taken so seriously. The bond becomes stronger, as stoners can open up quickly and communicates better with each other. When the relationships become more robust, it is possible to date your partner more intimately.  
  • When desires and feelings are strong, more intimacy and coziness are on the way. That means you can enjoy sexier sex with your dating partner. You can notice each sensation during your particular quality time, and this gives immense pleasure. During sex, free mind without worries, anxiety, and complete euphoric feel, makes the private moments more intense and meaningful. All these, in turn, help in a more relaxing and fresh feeling, the next day. 
  • A stoner is true to his or her feelings and so can make either mere fun or laugh at silly jokes. Both are for your side as this can set apart your worries, hard times, and helps you to detach from this material earth quickly. This is a great art to disconnect from this world at times and concentrate on your entity.  
  • A stoner with a fellow stoner as a partner will enjoy every moment together with love and happiness. Both of them need nothing than to enjoy their smoking moment together. 

Yes, there are times when a person wants to smoke alone and roam around the city without any specific destination. That can be at 2 am or maybe any other time. However, even at that moment, also, you can feel more comfortable and happier to be with the one you love and smoke together. This happens only while you are dating a stoner or a stoner dating another stoner. 


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