Why should you book a mobile chair massage for your office today?

Updated on June 17, 2019

If you have never gone for a massage of any kind, then you are missing out one of the best things in life. You may have already heard how it is calming and relaxing, but unless you experience it, you will never know exactly how good it feels to just sit there and enjoy the pampering. 

Now, you may say that the work pressure is too much and there is not enough time to go out for a massage. So, here’s the solution for you – mobile chair massages for the office. If you are the manager of an office, you can think about setting up massage sessions for your employees and, of course, yourself. If you are an employee, you can pitch the idea at the next office meeting on group health and productivity.

Several new and old studies show how beneficial it can be to take part in short duration chair massages. We will give you the top six reasons you should hop on the next massage chair when you get the chance –

It reduces pain

Everyone knows how a full-body massage can help with pain management, but only a few, who have experienced chair massages know how effective they can be for the alleviation of localized pain as well. Chair massages can help those with lower back pain. Around 80% of US citizens report experiencing excruciating back pain at least once in their lives.

Research shows that most of these people also work for more than 8 hours at a desk job. Chair massages target specific sets of muscles and relieve them via targeted vibrations. It is exclusively popular among people with osteoarthritis. You can check out the mobile chair massage services in Boston near your office for gathering more data on similar studies.

It helps with insomnia

Whether it is insomnia or delayed onset of sleep, a short respite can help you relax and sleep better at night. Mobile chair massages can help you relax, and the reduction of pain can help you sleep more comfortably than before.

Even 10 minutes of mobile massage can help people achieve sound sleep. The transition from NREM to REM and back remain smooth, and the person can wake up next morning feeling rejuvenated. Moreover, deep sleep helps in the redressal of muscle tension and pain. In a study involving fibromyalgia patients, around 30-minutes of total massage duration throughout the week showed deeper sleep and lower pain levels. A mobile chair massage Boston can become a cost-effective solution for any company to improve employee health and boost performance. 

It can boost alertness

Studies also show that massages have the potential to increase blood flow to the brain, boost neurotransmitters, and increase the sharpness of a person. Back in 1996, when a group of scientists conducted a test on a team of adults, a 15-minute chair massage drastically improved the participants’ problem-solving aptitude and abilities.

The same study showed that quietly sitting in a chair for 15 to 20 minutes without a massage is not enough for achieving the same level of relaxation. You can boost the alertness and problem-solving abilities of your team by advocating chair massages for everyone in your Boston office. Additionally, getting them to participate in an activity together will also boost their team spirit.

It takes care of depression

When the massage boosts the blood circulation in the body and the brain, it also stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphins. These are the “happiness” hormones that play a significant role in determining a person’s mental health. If you are suffering from depressive symptoms, you might consider opting for a short duration chair massage.

Multiple studies show that all forms of massages can reduce instances of depression. Almost all the research work on the psychological impact of massages note positive effects on the mental health of the participants after one round of massage. Although chair massages are for short durations, and they mainly focus on your upper body, they are highly likely to exert a positive effect on your overall mood and mental health.

It will help with headaches

No office goer can confidently state that he or she does not suffer from headaches. Almost every person we know complains of migraine or sinusitis at least once a month. People complain of headaches due to stress and lack of sleep more than once a week. Such discomforts can take a toll on one’s ability to make the right decisions and his or her productivity. 

Doctors have found out that many-a-times headaches happen due to a sheer lack of oxygen and other nutrients reaching the brain. When chair massages jolt and stimulate the blood circulation via the neck to the head, it makes the majority of chronic headaches go away for hours if not days. Research shows that around 30-minutes of chair massages in offices can improve employee productivity by at least 70%.

It WILL reduce stress

Everyone knows this by now, but we have to repeat it because it is always true – chair massages can bust stress like no other in-office activity. It is especially beneficial for those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol since it can potentially reduce cortisol in the blood. Whether you play soothing music or add some aromatherapy for the participants, the majestic massage chair will do its magic and relieve your employees of any physical and mental stress within minutes.

Chair massages don’t just boost health. They also boost employee morale. When you take the extra step to show your office people that you care, they also feel the need to take the extra step to improve their work. You will notice higher levels of dedication, better commitment to timelines, and an overall improvement of office spirit once you begin to invest in occasional chair massages in your Boston office space. It is incredibly easy to find the right mobile chair massage service in Boston. Simply Google “mobile chair massage services near me, Boston” and hit search! Find the best-rated ones to offer a stress-busting experience to your employees.


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