Why keeping fit is within your reach

Updated on August 30, 2019
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Staying fit is a wonderful way to better your mood in addition to your overall health. Many people battle with staying fit over the long term. However, the benefits of fitness certainly outweigh the costs. With some dedication and drive, you can keep your physical fitness for years to come!

The world around us is in permanent flux. Our personalities and even our looks morph over the course of our lives. Our diet and bodies change too. This means that staying healthy is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish. Perhaps we set a goal and, after reaching it, we simply move on. Alternatively, we just don’t have the energy to eat healthily. The main goal of maintaining your fitness levels, however, is to remain healthy. 

What are the different types of fitness?

Strength, cardioendurance, balance, agility as well as flexibility should be the aims of any well-rounded fitness programme. – if you are unsure about any fitness routine you should follow, you must consult a qualified personal trainer to assist you. To develop these skills the crucial thing is variety. Don’t spend all of your time in the weights section of the gym or on in spin class. Include different types of fitness training into your routine. If you do this you’ll see better overall results in your exercise performance. In addition, you’ll see a marked change in how your body performs and feels in your day-to-day life.

Here are six of the most beneficial exercises for developing strength:

  • Use power cleans to improve explosiveness on the turf and court.
  • Do front squats to toughen your quads and develop your vertical jump, help you decelerate, plant as well as cut.
  • Use the trap bar deadlift – as opposed to the conventional deadlift – which requires increased mobility. Improve your posterior chain.
  • Perform close-grip bench pressing. Make sure that your arms remain in tight as this translates better into the strength an athlete will need in a competition.
  • Use resisted push-ups. These are similar to sporting movements that necessitate you to control your upper back.
  • Chin-ups even out all the pushing and pressing athletes take part in when they train.

You don’t need a gym to do a cardio workout!

Performing your cardio exercises at home is an appealing option. This is because if offers convenience and a way to save money as well as time. Fortunately, a good cardio workout doesn’t have to take up a tonne of space or elaborate equipment. With a little originality, you can put together a fitness routine with a wide range of effective cardio exercises. 

Jumping Jacks

What is This: Constantly jumping your feet wide while circling the arms over your head and then back again

Why do You Need to do This Exercise: Jumping jacks are responsible for burning about 100 calories in 10 minutes. The great this is that no special equipment or skills are needed.

What You Need: A good pair of shoes and a conditioned heart

What You Need to Avoid: Jumping jacks are high impact exercises. This means that they may tax the joints. 

Variations: Plyo-jacks (squatting and then jumping up high into the air), stepping the feet out as opposed to jumping, holdinga medicine ball in your hands, push-up jacks (jumping the legs together whilst doing push-ups)

Jump Rope 

What is This: Turning a rope with handles repeatedly while jumping over it and (optional) chanting rhymes

Why do You Need to do This Exercise: It’s excellent cardio and burns about 220 calories in 20 minutes. Jump ropes are cheap, travel well and require no special skills. They can be used anywhere you have space.

What You Need: A jump rope, a good pair of shoes, patience, and practice

What You Need to Avoid: Jumping rope is high impact. This means that it requires practice. It looks easy, but beginners may trip often. For the optimal results, turn the rope with your wrists and not your arms. Land softly. Only jump high enough so that you clear the rope.

Variations: Jumping only on one foot, changing feet, crossing your feet, jumping with your knees high towards your chest, double turning the rope

Jogging in Place 

What is This: Jogging in a stationary position

Why do You Need to do This Exercise: It’s not complicated, accessible, elevates the heart rate, and is a fantastic way to warm up for more intense exercise.

What You Need: A good pair of shoes

What You Need to Avoid: It’s high impact. This result is that it may tax the joints. Unfortunately, jogging on the spot can be boring. As there’s no forward motion, it isn’t as intense as jogging outside.

Variations: Press your arms overhead, get your knees high, butt kicks, wide knees

If you’ve always used the excuse that you don’t have time to get fit, the time for excuses has passed! Whether you decide to put together a home fitness routine or decide to join a gym, get moving!


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