Why is LinkedIn the fastest growing professional social network?

Updated on July 25, 2019
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Although response was slow at first, since LinkedIn’s debut online in 2003 this professional social media platform has continued to grow.  Unlike Facebook, Myspace or more recently Instagram, this social platform is fully geared towards connecting users professionally.   This social media giant allows users to create profiles that show off their career history, much like a personal resume and also is a really effective tool for employers searching for new candidates.

LinkedIn most definitely is the leader when it comes to professional social media platforms and has a staggering five hundred million users, of which there are two hundred million users actively monthly.  Now that’s impressive!  And an even more remarkable fact about LinkedIn is that the site continues to attract more users and is constantly growing in popularity.  In fact, it’s a fact that many B2B leads nowadays are generated from LinkedIn.

However, as with all social media management and campaigns there’s more than meets the eye to creating a successful LinkedIn digital marketing campaign.  It’s for this reason why it’s vitally important to complete a digital marketing course to equip you to fully understand all the tools and benefits that LinkedIn offers.

Less traffic but more business leads

Although LinkedIn has less traffic that other social media sites such as Facebook, much more business leads are successfully generated here and have a higher conversion rate.  So much so that posting on LinkedIn can quite easily produce more leads that a well-written company blog.

Most social mediamarketing sites are very much visually based, in other words images and videos are shared much more on these sites.  However, the content shared on LinkedIn is followed by professionals that tend to be genuinely interested in that particular subject matter and this is just one of the reasons why LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional social media networks.

LinkedIn users are invested

Here’s a statistic that will get you raring to get started with a LinkedIn marketing campaign – did you know that buyers are more likely to buy a product or a service from a company that they’ve already engaged with on LinkedIn. Now, that’s power.  Simply put, LinkedIn users are investing a lot of time and energy on LinkedIn, so they’re more likely to be a serious engager and not merely liking or giving the thumbs up to eye catching images or funny video content.

Reasons why LinkedIn continues to grow

There are many benefits to being active on LinkedIn for any digital marketing campaign and as the fastest growing professional social media platform it’s vital to make sure your brand has a solid online presence here.

But there’s more to why LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing B2B platforms besides lead generation which include the following:

  • Extending B2B reach – LinkedIn is the best social media network if you are a B2B company.  Being a B2B company means that a large percentage of your audience is already present on LinkedIn.
  • Industry awareness – When following and interacting with companies and individuals in a similar industry you can gain knowledge about your industry and keep you up to date with the latest trends.
  • Building brand awareness – LinkedIn allows you to build brand awareness
  • One-on-one interactions – By being able to connect with professionals of your choice on topics that are relevant to your business, you are able to get valuable insight into what’s on trend and what interests your potential clients.  One-on-one interactions also considerably strengthens relationships.

Is LinkedIn able to sustain growth?

Being the fastest growing professional social network brings with it a lot of questions about the sustainability of its user attraction and such questions must be asked when investing time and budget on your long term social media marketing strategy.

There can be no doubt that LinkedIn has built a gigantic database over the years and they most definitely, with the aid of algorithms and AI, will capitalise on this incredible amount of valuable information.  So, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is here to stay and most definitely must be part of any digital marketing campaign, especially for B2B companies.

More importantly now that Microsoft owns LinkedIn we will see a lot more integration into Office 365 of this professional social media network.


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