Why Getting Meal Plans in University of Florida is the Best Way to Eat

Updated on September 19, 2019

College can be expensive. That’s why many college students try to survive on packets of instant ramen and junk food to make ends meet.

But getting a meal plan is the best way to eat at the campus. You can save more money, plus you can eat good food. Thankfully, the choices at the University of Florida dining hall provide wholesome food while being on a budget. 

What are Meal Plans?

Meal plans are your pre-paid account for meals on-campus. Most universities across the United States require residential students to acquire a meal plan. It is most common for incoming first-year college students. 

Your choice of food is extensive when you get a meal plan. That’s because your meal card or ticket is accepted at any dining facility as long as it’s within the campus grounds.

There are currently 45 locations for the University of Florida dining hall. They carry national favorites like Subway, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Panda Express, and more.

When you get a meal plan, you don’t necessarily have to eat the same meals for the whole semester. You get to eat what you want when you want to.

How Much do they Cost?

While meal plans are economical, they aren’t always the cheapest.

Boarding and housing typically range at $7,000 to $14,000 each year. Meal plans usually cost half of that. But while the pricing is rather high than a pack of ramen, which you can prepare in your kitchen, it’s not unreasonable.

When you think of having to buy your meals each day, it can ultimately help you save. Best of all, you can guarantee that you can eat well-planned and healthy food every day. 

Types of Meal Plans

Each university has their meal plan program. You can find options for 7, 14, 19, or 21 meals per week. Of course, the costs will differ with the higher number of meals being more expensive.

Since there are various plans to choose from, carefully consider which one you should order. If you don’t use all your meals, it is money lost. 

If you also tend to skip breakfast or go out to eat, a cheaper meal plan is the best choice. There aren’t  many students that get 21 meals a week.

At the University of Florida, there are meal plans that allow you to share your meal card with a guest. That means you can share it with a friend in need or a visiting relative. Be sure to check your plan before you start treating someone else, though.

Meal plans can accommodate you whether you eat a lot or you don’t. However, it’s best to contact ULF first so they can guide you on the best meal plan.

Meal Plans for Special Dietary Needs?

The University of Florida caters to thousands of students with different dietary needs and tastes. That’s why they carry well-loved brands and restaurants for those with special dietary needs. You can use your meal plan at vegetarian or vegan-friendly places, too.


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